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  1. F15C training mission


    Dear N22YF:


    Hi, I am new to this game, play in VR mode. currently have learnt how to land this beautiful "tennis court". But when I do the last landing training lesson, there weren't any way points. I know my velocity vector was side way, but I really had a good look around and didn't see any waypoints.


    The cloud was so thick, there wasn't any visual cues, no runway lights, I can't see anything. Then I pressed "1" and was able see the assistant cross. I followed it and crashed. It was really sad to be stuck there, please can you help me? Perhaps you can do a video on Youtube how it is done?


    Many Thanks



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    2. jdfocus1985




      Thanks for the lessons you have provided to the public and your prompt reply to my post. I just finished other stuff and ready to challenge the final landing mission again. if I got stuck again probably I will look for video material for other aircraft such as the F14 or F16. This skill is so cool to master since we can disregard any weather condition later on. But definitely a video on Youtube will get you tons of subscribers! I will have no doubt to follow you.



    3. N22YF


      Thank you for the suggestion! I'll let you know if I get around to creating a video!

    4. N22YF
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