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  1. Not my problem. I've had my CV1 since March 28. :lol:
  2. Considering we're talking about Facebook here, that statement is a bit silly.
  3. So far, this has to be the most interesting simpit project I've seen in the last few months. I like it that you've picked something not everyone else is doing. Following the path least traveled seems rewarding.
  4. Those that are dreading the shipping slide. The way I see it, it gives ED time to get things working right in DCS World. Also it gives Nvidia and AMD time to launch their new video cards at Computex. This summer is going to be an exciting time. Also about the poll, I pick option D. FREE, I was shipped a free CV1 that arrived March 28th because I was a DK1 Kickstarter backer.
  5. Looks very promising. I'm looking for something new to build a simpit tub project with. This looks like a solid start.
  6. Just quickly hopped in 1.5 with my CV1, So far the resolution looks good. Better than DK2 did for instruments. I didn't have any of my controllers mapped or setup, so all I did was check out the main menu and the TF-51 on a hot start in the cockpit looking around. The initial head location and orientation was incorrect, but it was really cool looking around the cockpit. DCS World 1.5 sees the CV1 and the CV1 knows DCS World 1.5 is a 1.3 SDK enabled game. I'm sure things will only get better in the next few months.
  7. That instrument bezel looks great. Good build quality.
  8. Donno why they use the Avenger and Centurion names in their product. It leads to unnecessary product naming confusion. They're Icarus screens in 180 and 270 degree variants. Better just to call them Icarus 180 and Icarus 270.
  9. http://pericles.ipaustralia.gov.au/atmoss/falcon_details.show_tm_details?p_tm_number=1506615&p_search_no=1&p_ExtDisp=D&p_detail=DETAILED&p_rec_no=15&p_rec_all=18 http://www.immersaview.com/products/warp Not that smart to mess with trademarks.
  10. I trust you are aware that Immersaview is already using the Warp product name for warping software?
  11. I'm left handed and always think this is a silly question. HOTAS requires dexterity from both hands to properly use. It's not merely a matter of preferring a dominant hand. If anything the throttle requires more dexterity than the stick because of all the other controls and switches on it.
  12. You need to setup multiple custom cameras to fix the distortion
  13. Let me guess, this guy found out how to abuse ModelConverterX?
  14. Personally, I use DIMMdrive. I have 48GB on my X58 machine.
  15. I'd be interested in doing a build using the plans. Any idea if Flim's VRpit kit will work ok with this? I have one of the kits sitting in my shop.
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