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  1. The other aircraft I fly in in the sim, wheels seem to touch the ground (or very close). The P-47 floats a little above and never seems to touch. I fly the Normandy and Caucasus maps. Can this be fixed? Is it something I can fix? It would definitely be more immersive. Thanks for listening.
  2. UV lights and Compass light OK, but Cockpit light always throws breaker, and then even UV lights seem inconsistent. Cannot complete night mission without this problem.
  3. At night, (at an airport such as Batumi)when I park under overhead lights, the top of aircraft is not illuminated. It is pitch black. Could this be fixed?
  4. I have left all control settings default except for: Pitch: Saturation Y is now set to 35. I am a happy man! Yahoo!
  5. Sounds good GunslingerII! After using these settings a bit, I am now happier with one change though: Yaw: Dead zone-0 X Saturation-73 (makes for an even shorter throw) Feels better, a bit more accurate) Y Saturation-73 Curve-0 By the way I'm using CH Fighterstick, Pro Frottle, and Pro Pedals Give er a try you wont be disappointed! Cheers
  6. Pitch: Dead zone-0 X Saturation-0 Y Saturation-35 Curve-0 Roll: Dead zone-0 X Saturation-0 Y Saturation-65 Curve-0 Yaw: Dead zone-0 X Saturation-85 (makes for shorter throw) Y Saturation-73 Curve-0
  7. On my machine I experience frequent white screen flashes after shooting into water, or any water splashes. They continue until I stop and restart another mission. Then they are gone. Before the white water splashes, I have no occurrence of screen flashes. Anyone else have this problem, and maybe a fix I missed? I am using a MSI GTX 1080 8GB gaming X and 460.89 drivers. Thanks for any help
  8. Radiator toggle works sometimes, sometimes not. Can be closed with Auto switch also. It has been a while since I have witnessed an external view of flaps opening when high temps occur, so that may be intermittent also.
  9. Stars and Bars under both wings now, on USAF Standard skin. Should only be one, under starboard wing. Right? How many squadrons in the ETO implemented this? I don't know, but: DCS, would you please reset the default skin as it was originally? Part of the reason I purchased the P-47 was due to the original default skin. Why not do another as an addon with Double underwing insignias instead of this change. The decision to make this default causes my other 3rd party P-47 skins to display double insignias also. This is an undesirable side effect for me. Please fix. Or mayb
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