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  1. SpawnZone = ZONE:New("Spawn Zone") Bandits = SPAWN:New("Bandits") :SpawnInZone(SpawnZone, false, 2000, 4000) :SpawnScheduled(10, 0.1) --create more than one trigger zone for this to work SpawnZones = { ZONE:New("Spawn Zone1"), --trigger zone 1 ZONE:New("Spawn Zone2"), --trigger zone 2 } Bandit_Group = SPAWN:New( "Bandits" ) :InitRandomizeZones( SpawnZones ) --randomizes position in trigger zones **requires more than one trigger zone to be created :InitLimit( 1, 1 ) --(# max units at once, # max groups at once) both are needed. IE a two ship fighter group spawning maximum 1 time will need a (2, 1) Bandit_Group:SpawnScheduled(10, 0.1) --performs the scheduled 10 sec+-6 sec deviation spawning
  2. F-117 are too tanky they take 3-4 missiles to shoot down. Video of them shrugging off multiple R-27ER/R-73 hits. It takes about 3-4 to down one. Video: Test.miz
  3. I couldn't load any missions for my dedicated server for a while. I fixed it by deleting my entire config folder and started DCS, it fixed my dedicated server. Don't forget to re-install any needed scripts that were there. Remember your server settings, as it will reset everything back to default including the server name. Config folder are here: C:\USERNAME\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config
  4. I've run my dedicated server and it seems to crash in multiplayer when multiple AAA units engage a target. The target gets shot at and then the server immediately hangs. It happens around 4 hours of the server running. I have a Tacview of the event: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q9eDvo_ReYPwy5CK-Kn_8QhsvSUcXW1i/view?usp=sharing Look for unit "RedEWR#008-10" between Sochi and Maykop at the end of the replay.
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