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  1. Sure you can! Assign a RADIO ITEM (found in the F10. OTHER in the Radio Menu) to an "AI SET TASK" which you have created in the wingman's "TRIGGERED ACTION" tab.
  2. Magistern, how do you cope with the "baloon" effect once you set your flaps from AUTO to FULL? I read somewhere (a guide maybe?) that the real jet doesn't have that behaviour...
  3. A/R Refuelling, for instance. Of course, no PERFECT trim necessary but at least a trim which allows some minute corrections. But again, if the trim responsiveness is as it is on the real plane, the discussion is closed.
  4. No doubt! But if the trim control were a bit less "rushy", it would be better! You know, they could implement either some sort of trim sensitivity bar or a progressive trim (it starts slow and then it increases the speed) like in other flight simulators...
  5. My original post was not referring to the impossibility to keep a trim OVER TIME but to the fact that even if I operate the hat trim switch for a millisecond (0.001s), the applied trim seems too much; at the present state, I find it impossible to fine trim the plane. Put it another way, my question is: is there a way to reduce [trim applied/second]?
  6. Hi all! I'm new to the A-10 and my apologies if this was asked before (the search option didn't bring up anything relevant)... Question: is there a way to reduce trim sensitivity? Trimming the aircraft is very difficult and it seems I'm always overtrimming even if I operate the trim hat very briefly. Thank you!
  7. Hi all! Will SRS and/or NS430 compatibility be available from day one? Thank you!
  8. I do have Combined Arms and I love the module. I think it's a cool expansion of the flight sim and it has a lot of potential (already enjoyable at the moment). I would gladly pay for an upgrade of the system including improved graphics, performance and multiplatform (ships included, please!)
  9. Thank you for the explanation!
  10. Nope! Without external power / without engine generator / without battery switch to ON, the canopy can be opened and closed: "With no generator or external electrical power on the aircraft, battery power is available for at least five open/close cycles of the canopy. If no electrical power is available for canopy operation, a back-up crank system is provided to manually power the canopy actuator" I assume that for battery power to be used, the battery switch should be at least in the ON position since the canopy is operated by the Utility battery: "The utili
  11. Hi all! The canopy switch and electrical opening/closing of the canopy currently works without either generator/external electrical power or battery power (maximum five open/close cycles). This shouldn't be the case since without power only the back-up crank system should be used to operate the canopy actuator. So, either a back-up crank system should be implemented or the canopy should be operated as indicated above. Thank you!
  12. 6S.Duke, thank you for the update and I'm looking forward to pressing the BUY button at the bottom of the payment form... You mentioned that you are reworking the project completely and this of course will impact the release date. Can you give "approximately" an early access (if this is your intention) release date?
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