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  1. Thank you very much for posting all of these.
  2. Makes perfect sense, the more things you agree to the more feature creep you introduce into an already complex project. I was mainly asking out of curiosity since this issue does not affect me at all. The mod idea sounds like a nice option but even then I can't imagine this is an issue that a statistically significant portion of the userbase would even care about. Thank you for your reply, and for all the work you guys have already done on the Tomcat.
  3. Theoretically if a user or group of users compiled a list to take the workload off you guys, would the feature be easy to implement?
  4. Yeah it’s going to be a long time but it’s the only solution I can think of since I doubt this is a common concern lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Go to "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\F14\Sounds\Jester" in an Explorer window in here there are multiple folders for each type of audio callout. enter any of the folders and listen to the files until you hear one you don't like. For instance "geardamageHI2.ogg" says "Shit the gear is damaged" Select the file you want to remove and delete it. Then right click one of the other files for the same type of callout that doesn't have parts you don't want and select copy and then hit ct
  6. You bring up a fair point Mike. On the off chance this isn't a troll post by DeathLight, a legitimate fix for the issue would be to navigate to the directory I mentioned before at “GAMEDIR/Mods/aircraft/F14/Sounds/Jester” then using a media player like mpv or vlc, review the files till you find the ones that you disapprove of and delete them. You can then replace the missing files with copies of the inoffensive files renamed to match the deleted ones. It's possible you can just get away with deleting them but I don't know if the module would play nothing or even throw an error when calling the
  7. You can extract audio excerpts from the “carebears” or any other television show intenended for small children of your preference, then use audacity to convert the audio files into .ogg. Rename the files to match the offending audio clip in “GAMEDIR/Mods/aircraft/F14/Sounds/Jester”, then feel free to continue dropping death and destruction from your simulated 70million dollar killing machine without fear of the corrupting influence of naughty words. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Disarm your own ejection seat with left shift+e then eject him with control+e 3 times.
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