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  1. here it is -- very short and simple mission, but challenging enough to make you sweat. It is based on a take-off practice mission from Robert Sogomonian which I found on Youtube. This one is still work in progress. Just pick up your weapons and fly to 1st waypoint. The rest is self explanatory. Either destroy the softer targets or hard targets slightly down the road (if you can find them). Tip: lables will help. I will share it with community once I am happy by adding a bigger choice of mobile and stationary targets and editing the briefing. Still learning the tools
  2. 100% agree. The damage modeling of ground vehicles in DCS is definitely bizarre, as well as mission recording capabilities. I can safely conclude this now because I also own the Combined Arms module, and I have tried this ATO B.P3.2 mission probably close to 100 times, analysing it from the different perspectives. I have literally driven through that mission in a T-80 and BMPs and watched recordings from the perspective of targets and attackers. Cases like KMGU example extend to other munition like a SMERTCH artillery rockets, MSTA 125mm HE shells or or even my Kh-29L hitting
  3. Yes, indeed! "Berioza" - is a radar warning system in the bottom right corner. (Looks like I also need a refresher training...) "Mercury" pod is the one! Actually it works well in that mission... I only wish it had 32x or 40x zoom capability, letting me to pick off all the SAM launchers from a safe distance and saving me, wingmen and support flights from doom of fiery death... Speaking of PBK-xxx-PTAB bombs - looks to me that this topic really needs a separate 'issue' thread. The more I experiment with it the stranger it looks. :-0
  4. never had this problem either m8, and I fly Su-25T a lot nowadays. Even after updating to the 2 new patches over these days. Perhaps you are using some utility or exotic controls and custom settings or some other mapping? What mappings do you have in your control setup?
  5. Yeah, indeed. In recording I was flying on approach approximately 50-70m high due to HV electric wires (ran into them the first time around). The recommended minimum drop altitude with KMGU is from 30m for PTAB type of loads following the data brochure from the manufacturer. But not enough for RBKs... the targeting piper does not even come to view... This mission looks like a fun challenge and due to campaign arrangement the mission changes from time to time. Sometime you have a radar illumination, sometime not. BTW, I flew one mission with Phantasmagoria pod and found that t
  6. The mission ATO B.P3.2 in Georgian Oil War campaign. My lame run with KMGUs is attached. Feedback and tips are much appreciated. BTW, I loved your Flaming Cliffs video... very entertaining and educational at the same time. Su25T_Campaign_oilwar_10_bad_run2-ptab25ko.trk
  7. Thanks for the suggestion and clarification, Ironhand! Very useful to understand what is going on... so no more efforts go lost in wane. BTW, I have tried your suggestion yesterday night. Unfortunately, not ending up well in this particular mission - (mission 10 in Georgian Oil War Campaign). Seems like RBK-500 have a very different delivery profile, because the targeting piper goes off HUD in very low level flight (~30-50M RAlt) and as soon as I pop-up higher than 300m or more for targeting and drop, I get totally blasted off the sky by 2 Avengers, Vulcan and a bunch o
  8. Happy New Year everyone! I was playing one of the closing missions during the holidays in the default Su-25T Georgian Oil War Campaign... In this mission a flight of Su-25T is to support ground attack against the M1 tanks deployed in the open field. The weather is suboptimal, so the typical distant engagement with Shkval and Vihr' is not advised because the lock is only achieved from a couple of km from the targets, but the area is reasonably well protected with SAMs and Vulcan. So, this mode of engagement quickly ends in fiery plunge to the ground for the full flight of Su-25T (ea
  9. I bet the real thing does it. Sensitive variometers with audio notification turned 'on' do this all the time on the ground when wind gusts blow over the aircraft. I see no reason why AoA would not do the same thing. This actually improves safety during take offs and landings and taxing as an indicator of turbulence. But switching it off is always an option... P.S. As a pilot, one should have nerves and not get easily annoyed over a few beeps and cautions here and there. This makes them the "right stuff".
  10. One additional issue to report on this thread, Gents. It looks like the seconds hand (red colored thin needle) on the main clock (chronometer) is not visible at night in red cabin night lighting. I did not notice this issue was reported before. People rarely use this feature apparently, but after taking Kursant campaign on L-39 I got accustomed to using it a lot. Now I can not live without chronometer..., especially on the complex plane like Su-25T, when counting seconds in my mind and searching for targets, avoiding radar and missile threats -- this all feels a bit overwhelming a
  11. Thanks for the answer and the tips. Good to know about the manual showing some age! With regards to the AP - I guess my expectations were too high. The video from Flappie explains it all. In my case CSAP does exactly what's shown in a video, because in a heat of a mission I am typically engaging Vihr'z from a couple of km, and as soon as I engage Combat steering the nose goes up and I am loosing the ring. Will use override and point manually now. Thanks!
  12. I have noticed an interesting issue - the actual view of the HUD is not matching the pages from the manual in Ground Attack mode. (yeah right, who reads the manual? but I do...) Quick search on the forums did not reveal any explanations, so I decided to consult with community first. Instead of showing the number of the selected pylon, I can only see the 2 bars and selected weapon type. Is this how the real plane behaves now? Or just a mismatch between the manual and the game? P.S. Actually, after checking real Su-25 cockpit recodings on YTUBE of engag
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