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  1. Yeh, I really like it, just pointing out it for developers, in the case they will pay attention to this module in the future.
  2. So, am I wrong or not? And can it be fixed?
  3. Так а что на счёт этой проблемы? На реальном авиагоризонте в Л-39 вроде символ самолёта действительно пред обеими директорными стрелками.
  4. Tell me, please, if it is a bug or not that on the AGD-1 device, the vertical arrow is not located in front of the symbol of the aircraft and because of it, the central marker is not visible. However, when you have big angles of roll, you can see how the arrow goes behind the symbol of the aircraft, but it doesn't work in the center. Is it possible to fix this problem? Tested in versions 2.5 and 2.7, painted arrows do not affect on it, with default ones the same. In the last picture you can see the real one.
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