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  1. As the title states, when calling into Sirri Island ATC, it responds as Krymsk. Videos linked. Also, there is a mismatch on the spelling. The island appears to be labeled "Siri", and the airbase is labelled "Sirri". I tried "Hey Siri, repair and refuel", but that didn't work either.
  2. Yes, the BIOS flash cleared all the issues, but I can't point to exactly what it updated. They did reference PCIe and Memory profiles
  3. I am quite sure this is related to my specific networking, but I'm hoping someone else has run into and solved this issue. When I host a multiplayer game, then a friend joins by IP, if the game is paused for even a second, the friend is disconnected from the server. If we reverse roles and he hosts the exact same mission, we can pause for several minutes, the resume with no disconnects on my side. My setup is an Amazon Eero. I am hard wired into an 8 port switch connected to the main Eero. My desktop has a static internal IP and port 10308 tcp/udp is port forwarded to t
  4. Our group has noticed this consistently random behavior in MP missions flying the F18. The symptoms are as follows. Load MP mission, occupy client F18 (usually hot), take off from either runway or carrier, affected client will start pulling up uncontrollably. You cannot trim it out. The solution is just to restart the MP mission and go again. I've attached two Mp tracks from last night. I have a subsequent 3rd successful track, but it is over 10mb. server-20210210-184408.trk server-20210210-185023.trk
  5. Update: we've flashed the bios on the MSI Bazooka B450m Max Wifi and so far we're stable. It had been Version 7C87v10 (release) and we bumped to the latest non beta, 7C87v14. I'll update with any further developments in case it is ever helpful to another player. For the record, you guys are the most responsive game support I've ever encountered, thank you.
  6. I'll get another TRK and video with no statics, same issue. I can also use statics to fill the front spawn points and force the E2D to the stern, which then has them use the rear cats successfully.
  7. New card, still crashing =/ We sent our friend a 2060 Super which we swapped in for the 1080ti. We then updated to the latest NVidia drivers and got the following crashes. dcs.log-20210205-214428.zip dcs.log-20210205-214025.zip dcs.log-20210205-203402.zip
  8. But we can't control where player planes get loaded on the super carrier. In a MP mission, the F14 spot gets populated by a player entity, and the E2D gets so close you can't maneuver around it. Edit: Also we cannot dictate that the E2D spawn and use the rear cats (that I know of)
  9. I've seen this most in MP mission when myself and another player spawn on the deck at the same time as an AI E2D is supposed to launch and provide AWACs. I've recreated it here using a static deck object (F14) as the second player. If I can snag a clean MP track I will. Silly_E2D.trk
  10. No overclocks, and we re-seated everything to ensure good connections. The crashes occur at random time-points, no pattern that I've been able to identify. That was our next test, but it's a PITA as he is in TX and I'm in CA. I'm sending him a 2060 to try. We bought the 1080ti used, so likely the previous owner cooked it =/ Another grrrr created by the scalpers soaking up every GPU on the market.
  11. Thanks Flappie. I used the DDU to strip the current drivers and gave the set you referenced a shot, still crashing sadly. I also run the DCS repair utility, and renamed the C:\Users\yournamehere\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta to .old, and let it recreate that folder, still crashes. The crashes occur at random intervals, and are still sometimes hard crashes (system lock) and other times soft crashes which allow logs to be automagically uploaded. I did peruse the Windows Event viewer, and have added a few concurrent events that may be instructive. I also disabled th
  12. Hello, I've built a PC for friend so we can fly together. Unfortunately, the game keeps crashing. I think I've collected all the appropriate logs. Any help/guidance would be very much appreciated. Sometimes the game "soft crashes" and we're able to upload the logs. At other times the PC hard locks and all we can do is power cycle. Thanks in advance, Q dcs.20210126-022300.crash dcs.20210126-022300.dmp dcs.20210126-022300.trk dcs.log debrief.log DxDiag.txt
  13. I've found it easiest to click on the "stack" multiple times until I get the unit I want. This is especially useful on the carrier. I too share your frustration with the mission editor overall.
  14. Is your anti-skid enabled? If you took off from a carrier, it might be disabled.
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