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  1. Dual-tube units, which virtually all aviation goggles will be (if not more tubes), offer reasonable depth perception as your brain is seeing a stereoscopic image. Single tube and 2-1 units do struggle.
  2. If I may recommend it, the Raven One campaign is an excellent intro to the Hornet and will challenge you with refueling, proper carrier launch and recovery, CAS, CAP, SEAD, Strike, and Anti-shipping. You’ll also learn very quickly to manage your fuel. Of note, you won’t touch a land-based runway. If you take the time to learn it as you go, there will be very few tactical or even administrative tasks that you can’t complete.
  3. This has been a long-standing complaint, glad to see it updated.
  4. I feel like we’ve got two separate issues here. One is a switchology issue for designation of L&S. Coinciding we have a difficulty breaking grouped targets out. When you say the above method isn’t working, what’s the failure mode or point?
  5. While “unrealistic”, and problematic on servers with limited inventory of stores, I habitually jettison tanks prior to landing on MP servers. Problem solved.
  6. While annoying I do believe this function is correct to the real jet. I originally used the SA page on the LDDI, but now keep it on the AMPCD for several reasons-this being one. In addition, when performing A-G missions it’s common to need stores page and FLIR page, and the ability to toggle back and forth between SA for SA and HSI for Run-in/range symbology on the AMPCD is useful. Thus for consistency I keep the SA/HSI n my AMPCD full time.
  7. I don’t have a number for you, but it won’t be generous from on the deck launches. Off the top of my head I usually get IN RNG around 65 +\-5 NM from angels 30+ and just past Mach. If you’re using preplanned mode, the HARM page and HUD will cue you when in range. I’ve found it to be quite accurate since the HARM update...early this year I think.
  8. “Combat Tree” in Vietnam (Click) was a great example of how IFF type RF signals CAN be used against the own ship broadcasting them.
  9. Adding onto @AKRocco’s post, I have several “target range” missions created. One is primarily a Fox-3 arena; my jet is set to unlimited weapons and fuel. It takes 30 minutes at times to complete as you’re chasing bandits all over the sky in Nevada. The entire purpose is locating them via radar and intercepting to Fox-3 range. Likewise, I have a similar mission over Caucasus with 20+ armed targets, ranging from SU-25’s with guns to Mig-21’s with Atolls to SU-27’s that are guns only. the experience here is much more BFM-focused, as I try to match my capability to the enemy-guns vs guns. Again, same unlimited weapons and fuel setting. On this one I fly with two 9X’s, two 9m’s, and guns.
  10. As I understand it, the “decision” to loft or not is made by the missile on a preplanned launch, depending on what it calculates is necessary. IE, a missile launched in close and low would only expend energy (and time) lofting that are likely unnecessary. What distance and altitude are you launching from?
  11. One aspect to the Hornet is that the FCS almost won’t allow you to depart the jet, meaning it’s easy to harshly over control the stick. Like any fighter, the basic principle of managing your G and AoA still apply-despite the fact that the jet won’t allow you to over-G or depart. The high-Alpha capability of the Hornet should ONLY be used for “cashing in” to scoop a shot, as the jet bleeds energy incredibly quickly at high AoA. There are situations, such as pointing the nose that last little bit for a Fox-2 or gun shot where the Alpha will work for you-but in general you must guard against it.
  12. Correct, there is no communication with the missile post-launch. It only knows generally where you’ve told it to look, and it’ll destroy whatever it comes across. You can use Man in the Loop (MITL) weapons such as SLAM and SLAM-ER for anti shipping work also, when target discrimination is needed at long range. For targets without ranged defenses, laser-guided bombs can be used.
  13. I recently have been getting back to basics with SEAD in a hunter-killer format, to include using HARMS and practicing SP and TOO employment, as opposed to pre-briefed. While I’m obviously aware of the “lock” function that we use the cage/uncage Handoff for currently, it’s led me to wonder whether this should provide an Azimuth-only target “track” to the FLIR or perhaps the radar? At present I can and do use the HARM target box in the HUD paired with manually moving the target designation of the ATFLIR or Radar to build a solution/observe at range. I’m surprised that there isn’t such a function in the real jet, and the “Handoff” terminology also adds to my suspicion. Does anyone have familiarity with this function-or lack there of? Edit - if this function is present and I’m missing a way to perform this handoff, I’d love to know that as well.
  14. This has historically happened to me perhaps one out of every 3 flights, it’s an annoyance to be sure. I’ve never found a causal factor.
  15. ED crew, this is getting to me as well-it’s causing rough headaches. Perhaps it could be an option box under “Special”?
  16. FCS panel, left elbow, beside the FCS Reset button. There’s a scrollable wheel with a center mark.
  17. Do you have the HMD set to one eye (default and realistic is right I believe) or both? I am strongly left eye dominant and the JHMCS is all but invisible for me unless active on my left (or preferably both) eyes.
  18. The SEA mode A-G radar is a big help for that mission also.
  19. @VDV at present in DCS the capability to designate Link-16 contacts is not present. For the time being, we can only reference contact location and then manually drive the radar to target it.
  20. This is probably the answer. When the physical datalink boxes were added to the jets, they replaced the previous TACAN boxes and included the TACAN function. edit-IIRC
  21. With some exceptions(ATTK RADAR won’t display on AMPCD iirc, and moving map won’t display on DDI’s - there may be others also) the displays themselves are agnostic; IE any page can be placed anywhere. Your “Top Level” pages are SUPT and TAC, with additional pages available for each. Both are available on any display. They follow quite a logical progression with respect to what sub-levels are present; FLIR, Stores and Radar are on the tactical page for example. Checklists, FCS and BIT are on the Support page. if you feel such a “Christmas tree” would assist you, hop into a hot jet on the ramp and jot it down. I break pages/locations into use cases, and configuring each is a part of my pre-combat checklist based upon my intended mission. For example; A-G Strike-Stores (L) FLIR (R) SA (AMPCD) A-G SEAD-Stores (L) EW (R) SA (AMPCD) A-A CAP-AZ/EL (L) ATTK RDR (R) SA (AMPCD) Cruise-FPAS (L) HSI (R) SA (AMPCD) Landing-ADI (L) HSI (R) Some variation depending on situation is also common. Note also that there are HOTAS commands to bring up or cycle through specific pages, particularly tactical-use pages.
  22. There’s a kernel of truth for me here with every jet aside from the Hornet. Having fairly well mastered the Hornet, approaching a jet like the Viper with similar capabilities and struggling to employ them is maddening. I batted about in the Harrier this week, to be fair it actually gives me a small measure of appreciation for the Viper in that the HOTAS could be worse.
  23. Also, the reason the FLIR is not locking onto a point that you designate may be that it’s not in a stabilized “Track” mode. Bumping the Sensor Control Switch towards whichever DDI the FLIR is displayed on will change the track mode. I recommend Chuck’s guide for visuals on the ATFLIR track mode symbology.
  24. Hey Dutch, that link above is neat-check it out for sure. As far as how we can help, are you referring to tactical/combat pages or the supplemental/data pages?
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