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  1. I’d personally love to see this blossom into a dedicated electronic attack jet down the road for supporting strikes on MP servers...I’d be glad to fly a Growler or Prowler. I do realize that it’s a long way off, but hey.
  2. I’d bet this is what happened, it’s not difficult to do. The first time I switched it with the SCS I was baffled.
  3. I’ve had a few instances where I had similar experiences doing pop-up attacks, but I also don’t know how realistic/acceptable that method is. When high altitude loiter bombing I have zero issues with the JDAMs
  4. Interested in an answer here also. That would be icing on the Hornet’s delicious SA cake.
  5. The Fighter Pilot Podcast has a great episode (very early) on air to ground weapons and how the Hornet “knows” what it’s carrying. As best I can recall, the ground crew enter a short code on each pylon itself, the jet then correlates the codes to weapons and thus knows weights, drop/fire parameters, etc. The pilot is not a part of entering that information, though I would assume that verifying the assigned load out and data entry would be a responsibility of the pilot.
  6. I’m also in the bypass camp for now. How many of each expendable I want to use is balanced against the planned length of mission, threats apparent, etc.
  7. I’ve never seen a concrete timeline on the ASPJ. It is a two-edged sword in that it lights you up like a beacon on enemy scanners, but also makes you harder to actually kill. Use cases would be somewhat limited for me.
  8. Hi all, really enjoying the conversation in this thread-thanks to those contributing. On a side note, can anyone tell me what model (A, C, etc) and lot this Hornet shown is? It’s quite different in layout from our DCS recreation.
  9. I would think that not carrying live weapons even in such an area would be correct-there can be and have been accidents with US and other forces accidentally attacking their mates while training because of live weapon load outs. Rather my guess would be that the mission planning would steer as far clear of hostile territory as possible.
  10. Personally, the most challenging thing in DCS for me is AAR. It’s brutal and frustrating. Trapping on the boat was doable in a sloppy way fairly easily, albeit not reliably. With practice comes smoothness and good procedure, and eventually you’ll be able to take pride and get enjoyment from it. Keep at it!
  11. I also have OSB’s bound to my HOTAS (X56) that give me pretty detailed control of the attack radar and SA pages, which are my primary resources in air to air engagements. It is absolutely a game changer. I’ve often thought that having to actually use OSB’s in a real Hornet would irritate me quite a bit. That said, I also run my mouse dead middle of the HOTAS side by side with a kneeboard-I can access any buttons needed pretty quickly and with either hand.
  12. The feedback from several actual Viper and Hornet pilots that I’ve seen and read is that both lose energy quicker than they believe the real jets do. That said, the wild card is that in the game we can pull G’s that a real pilot wouldn’t-bleeding energy faster without realizing it. It’s a tough call.
  13. I’m pretty confident that this is true in the Hornet.
  14. Correct, depending on the load out of the jet the G-limiter can be quite low-6.5IIRC. This can be overridden by using the paddle switch(NWS/AP Disengage). I can confirm that you can damage the Hornet with the limiter overridden-although even so you’re still working under the parameters of the FCS. If you just want to tear some wings off for kicks, give the Tomcat a whirl.
  15. The issue is probably also due to the eye relief of the NVG’s. Typically NVG’s/NOD’s are designed to sit pretty close to the eyes, and some ocular lenses are more forgiving than others about standing off from the eyes. Personally I prefer wearing NV a good distance out from my eyes so that I can tilt my head up and work under them.
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