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  1. Thanks for the input fellers. I decided to return the computer i originally posted about because the case was very small (USFF) and bought a different system with a "SFF" case that a low profile graphics card can be added to later if needed. This one also has a slightly faster proccessor, i5-4590. Thanks again!
  2. New here. My son wants a computer to play this game. I recently bought a computer with the following specs: i5-4570s, 16mb DDR3 ram, 512GB ssd. My question is about the graphics. The computer has onboard graphics of Intel HD 4600 or something like that. Will this suffice for a decent gaming experience, or will a dedicated graphics card be needed? If a dedicated gpu is needed, I will need to buy another system because the desktop is so small that a graphics card cannot be added (already researched this). Would an external graphics card be any good, or should i just get a different syste
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