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  1. Feel free to delete, my bad. This is fixed in 2021.
  2. I wanted to map the Fuel Dump Switch (ON/OFF) to a toggle switch ( ON/OFF ), and I did, however, in-game that binding is expecting a momentary press of a switch in order to toggle the in-cockpit switch. What I want is something that works like "APU Control Sw (special) (ON/OFF)" and other bindings that will keep the in-cockpit switch in an ON position as long as my hardware switch is also in an ON position. At the moment I can (have to) engage other applications to get the desired behaviour, even though for some other switches the option is available out of the box in-game.
  3. Got the authorization error on A-10 II and Syria map. Redownloading Syria is going to be a pain. I just downloaded the update, which wasn't that bad, but Syria is 50GiB, more or less... A pain I'll have to endure though, if validating won't fix it.
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