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  1. Then why did you guys have to mention Late? in F-14A-GR-135 "Late"? Like any human being I'd imagine late being the later F-14As from the late 90s. Which basically all did get PTID.
  2. Well why wouldn't you guys just make it a purchasable upgrade for us that want the screen? If its regarding information about PTID on the F-14A, I could get in contact with Virus (the RIO from the Youtube channel Tomcat POV) and get him in touch with you guys. Also regarding to Information in particular to the PTID of the F-14A, there is a handful of documents out there that outlies everything the PTID did with the F-14A. I dont think thats unreasonable as a consumer to be asking for. I understand you guys have a business model but I kind of feel bamboozled when you guys say F-14A-GR-135 Late.
  3. If Heatblur NEEDs a SME for PTID on the F-14A I can reach out to Virus from Tomcat POV. He's told me he was interested in DCS and wanting Heatblur to add the PTID screens onto the F-14As.
  4. That is in refence of the F-14BUs. I am talking about PTID here sir. I think you need to read what I've been telling you. Let me be clear here folks. This is a discussion about a adding the Programable Tactical Information Display onto the existing F-14A and F-14B. I am not here to discuss about adding the BU or F-14D. Lets please keep this thread solely on PTID onto the existing F-14A and Bs. Thank you.
  5. I dont think you understand for what Im asking. Im not asking for the Sparrowhawk F-14 or the F-14D. I am asking for the Programmable Tactical Information Display to be added in. There is documentation for that system and like I stated, handful of SMEs who will be willing to help too. I am not asking for a F-14D, or F-14BU which I think you might be confusing PTID being associated only on the F-14BUs and F-14Ds. By '98-99 the majority of F-14s basically had PTID. And there is ample amount of documentation for PTID.
  6. There is documentation for PTID Though!.......... And plenty of SMEs that will help too! I think you seriously dont understand what PTID is especially on the A Model and B Models (Not BU)
  7. Heatblur should seriously consider adding PTID into the RIO Stations onto the later model F-14s. PTID didnt really add anything new (All it did is literally just repeat a TID onto a bigger screen), all it is just a big screen with a memory card slot. Biggest benefit would be the LANTRIN Clarity. PLEASE HEATLBUR. Lets make it happen!
  8. Anyway we can actually see the PLAT CAM and not go into the LSO Station? Tried following the Super carrier manual and that didnt work. Anyone has any idea or is this something ED is still working on? Thanks
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