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  1. there is a whole Helo base missing from Syria map, its probably run by Russia although i cant tell, its at"N"E it sits 6.50km 338 degrees north of Bassel Al Assad, this is it in 2016 (around when our Syria map is set) it hosts mainly Mi-8 but also some Ka-27's (maybe?) and some Mi-24's.
  2. as we have the Marianas map its only fitting we get a ground pounder from that part of WW2, i say the TBF or M avenger its the heaviest single engine aircraft in WW2, equiped with an assortment of weapons it was used to sink ships and strafe, bomb or rocket any thing that moved, you could argue that 3-4 crew is to much but as the plane is only flown by one id argue that there is nothing wrong with the amount of crew also the top turret can be an AI gunner. i think the TBF/M would fit nicely among the F-4U as a ground attack plane from the pacific and Atlantic personally i think we should get an early model for the 12.7mm's but i think picking the model is up to what is available
  3. wdym the above reasons, the avenger an carry both torpedo's and quantity's of bombs, it has 2 12.7mm's in the wings, a .50 on top and a .30 down below also there is a higher change of a TBF/M because it has less crew
  4. are you talking flyable, a much better addition would be the TBF/M Avenger the avenger would be alot cooler, its the heaviest single engine plane in ww2, it carries all the weapons you could want, and it fits in with Marianas and the F-4U i want the early with the 12.5 mil nose mounted gun (TBF) tho i think more TBM's were made
  5. yea, thats why i expanded that image so far to the east, just a little patch of water would do to really bring the whole map together as a great mix of every thing you could want
  6. Rhodesia-Zimbabwe map, set in the 80's (that's when the country was called "Rhodesia-Zimbabwe" then it would fit the following aircraft: Uh-1, Alouette 2/3, spitfire, Canberra, O-2, vampire, hawker hunter, along with a bunch more and also for opfor, MiG-21, An-26, Mi-8 Gaz, MI-24, L-39 its the perfect part of Africa because it combines rain forest, bush, plains, mountain's, and more, also Raz is working on a Canberra ai they want to make FF one day so we could play green leader, also the map could be made smaller with just Rhodesia-Zimbabwe, a bit of Mozambique and Zambia (edit: there are alot of great video i could link to shwo the terrain but most of them are war documentary's so they have photos of dead people and thus i will not share them, you can find them on YouTube your self, here is 2 photo's tho, also a Rho-zim map opens up some great options for tekies)
  7. i would like Rhodesia-zimbabwe and Balkans with Serbia as the centre of the map also A-7 and F-8, and F-5
  8. it isnt wasted recourses because i can look over my pilots shoulder and tell him he's doing it wrong -dcs F-14 rio (probably)(me fr) i think it would be nice to toggle it tho for people with potato computers
  9. evanf117


    i heard it was coming after EA also hear is a little somthing videoplayback (8).mp4
  10. the answer ive heard is yes
  11. just one last thing, doesn't the gazelle have it?, if it does i should put it on my list of to buy
  12. what about how some community mods allow you to switch seats in MP? (ie the little bird)
  13. you can also restrict loadouts at the .miz level, its what i do in my server to make people diversify what country they fly under instead of just picking the closest to the action
  14. @Fri13@Dragon 1-1 they had access to adlest one MI-8 bro you need a new hobby, lighten up, also i think we should have the freedom to edit the loadout section of a lua, what if i want it for a cinematic
  15. either change the broken planes and helos or make them all the standard of was possible, it irritates me more that its a mix of real and logical extent than anything else, i like Groms on the MiG and i like editing luas for the odd fun, i wish ED would move the Mi-8 Lua to COREMODS and then we could edit it for our own enjoyment so then partypoopers could have their muh realisum and i could have my Indian MI-8 with UB-16/32, also if we are talking realism then what about the mavs on the vig and triple racks on the F-16, also then you should also ask for game mode to be removed, i say we make everything the standard of logical extent or better yet just unlock the Mi-8's luas.
  16. yea, pitty no lua edits no more, we can edit the save files of miz'es but that takes for ever and only works if your a server admin, convincer a server admin or for single player why couldn't they just move the Mi-8 lua into CORE MODS
  17. i would say we need a MI-8tv2-2 or even better, a Mi-17 or one of those MI-8's with ATGM's
  18. be carful what you wish for, MC kinda recked the fun of the huey a bit, we need a way to switch seats in MP for the UH-1 and Mi-24 before the Mi-8 gets MC
  19. lol rip not any more sadly, why couldn't they just move the Mi-8 lua to the COREMODS folder
  20. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2744241/ i said this before to some one wanting MC as much as i like and want multicrew it sotra ruins the UH-1 in online when you are alone we need a way to switch seats in online for the Mi-24 and UH-1 first before we get MC for the hip
  21. you can delete it your self
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