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  1. No. The memory bandwith on AMD cards is lower. The chose it, because it is cheaper and more power efficent. To overcome the small bandwith, they added the infinity cache 128MB direct on the gpu chip. The prediction for what to chache does not work as good as they thought. So in 4k where you need bandwith, the amds cant hold against the raw performance of the nvidia cards. The chose the just working method over new tech. Nvidia focus is on RT. But there is no card which can handle RT at 4k. DLSS is nice, but i think it should be 3.0 to get very good results.
  2. You need very different settings for each different vr hmd. On your 32" it is also another story. SS is allways supirior to any AA. But more GPU heavy.
  3. If something behaves weired, delete shader files from dcs. On reprojection with my pimax and pitool, i have allways half the native Hz of the HMD maximum!?
  4. @RedX Can you bench it with our bench setup from Maybe delete the shader files after swapping cards.
  5. On our VR testing, the CPU utilisation was lower with amd 6000 cards. So there was more room for dcs.
  6. Please never ever use any weird tools for driver cleanup. You can have both drivers in the system without any problem. If you want to deinstall any driver clean, boot in safe mode and do it there with standard windows tools. Windows knows best. It is not Win98 anymore.
  7. I have also not the Steam version, but all the HMDs use SteamVR even for the non steam version. So you can start everything normal and just open fpsVR.
  8. It is allways the SU-25. I think he choose it, because everyone can access it. With "a" you start the autopilot. After that you have to activate your fps counter tool of choice. We used fpsVR. There you first have to activate history in the settings. If they are on, you can open Settings->Basic. With the reset button you kinda start and stop. In your Windows document folder you can find the log files and the tool to view them.
  9. You just have it on most HMDs. Best headset in cathegorie sweetspot was Pimax 5k+ so far. There they build 5 or 6 interations of lenses. Each tooling for a new lens cost 150k$. So it is easy to safe a lot of money there. As i know from my camera change from 6MP with good lenses and perfectly crisp sharp pictures, it was a total mess when switching to 16MP. It is a lot harder to build good lenses for 8kx/G2 than for any other HMD.
  10. 8kx DCS VR standard settings SP The 3080 with FVR had 5 FPS more than 6800xt. Look at our big benchmark thread here. If FVR is not fixed, it will add another layer of delay to it. Non fixed vs. fixed will not improve your FPS. It totally makes sense to use fixed FVR on headsets like pimax 8kx and G2, because the edges are blurry anyways. So why render that blur stuff in full quality? Edit: Had a look at it in MP. There it looks different. Fixed FVR adds additional stress to the CPU (5900x) so ends in worse Framerates because the CPU cant deliver it. So fixed FVR with Pi
  11. The benchmarks were tested in SP. Both cards only filled around 7GB of its vram. So that is no issue in this benchmarks.
  12. He mentioned it himself.. The pictures are from different benchmark runs. The 6800xt is under all circumstances supirior to the 3080 in DCS at the moment, frametimewise.
  13. @K1nsal We will bench the G2 on the other systems aswell. So if there is any unknown problem, we will see it.
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