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  1. @IronMike Thank you for the quick reply! You guys do great work and I greatly appreciate what you’ve done with this plane!
  2. Hello folks, After the most recent patch, I’ve seen a major drop in performance for missiles In STT. The missiles will get within 1 mile and then veer hard in the opposite direction of the aircraft. This happens even against aircraft with no chaff. Is this an actual problem or am I seeing a problem where there is none? Thank you!
  3. Hello, Im looking to play a mission with my brother online but we cannot get the multiplayer working. he cannot see my servers, nor can he join via IP address. I tried Port forwarding, but it didnt work and hid other select servers on the servers list.
  4. Hello, Ive just returned home from college for the season and my brother and I want to play some missions just the two of us. How do I set up a server he can find? Ive tried port forwarding and we've tried connecting directly via IP address. I hope someone can walk me through this, Thank you.
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