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  1. Very Nice Plane ... Test SU-57 are entering and leaving Syria and any US or NATO radar was able to detect him ....
  2. Resolve .... Anti-Virus was blocking the aplication . . .
  3. I have this problem since the 12-17-2020 update Not be able to logon ... autoupdate_log.txt
  4. If will be to difficult to include a very small part of Egypt the Sinai and the Suez Canal to simulate a war here from 1956...?? Suez/Sinai War(1956)-- Since the end of the First War with Israel, Egypt encouraged Palestinian raids against the Israelis from Gaza and Sinai. Israel made plans with Britain and France to attack Egypt. On October 29, 1956, Israeli troops invaded Egypt's Sinai Peninsula and quickly overcame opposition as they raced for Suez. The next day, Britain and France, following suit, in response to Egypt's nationalization of the Suez Canal, and on October 31, Egypt was atta
  5. Zoom and Zoom ?? this was done by a real Pilot ???
  6. We need more Naval Unit and support ships from the US, Uk, FR, Russia, Syria and Iran. Very Thank for the Chinese Asset Pack.
  7. 1 - No subscription … DCS Modules cost are very expensives. We are ready pay in full the modules. 2 - We need a final and full operational modules... not have beta modules for years …
  8. UP DATE 03\23\2020 Very thanks … AV was block DCS. After long time DCS alpha is running again … :}
  9. Hello Need some help. After Update DCS OpenBeta , login at DCS OpenBeta are not possible... DCS estable vercion work very well … thanks
  10. The same for me … not all the player are using VR ...
  11. All FC 3 planes that we have today do not have any of the Real data from the real combat planes …
  12. At FC3 model will be super for Me ….
  13. Excellent … Deka team ,,, this module look great The JF-17 combat plane is a nice plane for the price it has in real live. I know today thank to Deka, why Argentina and other countries are looking for this combat plane … This Module will have the more modern cockpit display from all DCS modules to date ,,,
  14. Details are Super in DCS.... but the sounds are very poor
  15. Vibration … Vibration damages the AIM 9, seeker ...
  16. Chk My Setting . Thanks All … ")
  17. " At longer ranges, the F-15C and the F-15E still have the advantage over the Su-35 with their active electronically scanned array radars. The Raytheon APG-63 (v) 3 and APG-82 (v)1 on the two Eagle variants are still considerably superior to the Su-35S’ Tikhomirov IRBIS-E phased array radar. " . . . This was Not True. In the real live the F15-C, from Alaska using this radar meet the Indian Training Su-30MK, that uses a Training Pulse Doppler Radar and seen the F-15C at the same distance. This is all we have for this simulate combat that put the F-15C vs Su-30MK. All the rest is classified
  18. Hud in Beta are to clear. Do not clear more Please... Make one Option in the F/A 18 Menu for Tinted HUD or Clear HUD
  19. AIM-7 At 23.6 Miles Lock and Shoot 23.6 Miles Look and Shoot using AIM-7. Su-27 was Looked …
  20. I believe the AIM - 7, do not have all their code in game. Is not working.
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