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  1. Well I got the card back and tried again with both DCS and AC7, and same story on the temps, so I conceded and went and bought a Cougar MX330-G tower to replace the other one (which can hold a bigger graphics card and has room for 5 fans, plus the capability to use water coolers), and with everything switched the card is running a lot cooler. Core is around 65 and the hot spot/junction around 87. CPU around 67. Need to get 1 more fan for it (have 4) so it should improve a bit more.
  2. Well MSI is repairing my card. Could be until after the end of the year before it's back though, so I took a pic' of my computer and drew where the space the card takes up and the airflow. The drive cage is blocking the front intake fan a bit. I'm wondering if cutting out all but the part the storage SSD is on would help? The only other thing I can see helping is cutting a hole in the case above the CPU and putting a 2nd exhaust fan there.
  3. When I get my graphics card back (if I do) I'll post a photo of what it looks like in the tower. I may be behind the 8 ball on this, both with the case and where the computer wil be (no choice).
  4. It's a AMD Wraith Prism which is actually better than the Wraith Stealth that came with my processor (the Prism originally came with a Ryzen 9 processor). I also removed the stock thermal compound and replaced it with arctic silver. I'll add 90 was the peak. mostly it hung around the 70's. Aside from trying to cram another fan in the case, the only thing I can do is leave the side off (it's a glass side case).
  5. Case is a Deepcool 30. The temperature in this house is around 69-71 degrees and I currently have it sitting in the middle of the floor while testing so the vents are completely unobstructed (since I don't have the card I can't get a photo). The front fan is down low with the rear one at the top. I have Open Hardware Monitor as my main temperature monitor, but have AMD programs for both the CPU and GPU also.
  6. Case has two 120mm fans (one pulling in on the front and one blowing out on the rear) and though it's a mini tower it has good flow. What does irk me is the fact the GC fans are facing down instead of up when you install the card (putting it just above the power supply). I'd think facing up would be better. And the 90c temp was for the main core. I tried 2 other games on it. One was a game that gives my laptop a workout, but on this computer the GC's fans barely increased in speed. Same for Team Fortress 2 which according to the AMD program I installed was getting 166fps. When I g
  7. I was keeping tabs on it's temperatures with Open Hardware Monitor while playing the game, and the core temp would hover around 90 degrees Celsius, with the hotspot around 110 (max 113). Fans were at max speed. Should I just start saving up (it took me 3 months to assemble this computer piece by piece) and get a 1070 or 1080 mini? (mini because my tower is a small one).
  8. I have a RX 5700 XT (mini 2 fan) graphics card (bought it new last month), and last night I was trying the game for the first time on low settings, and after spending an hour trying to launch an F-14 off the carrier the screen started glitching with artifacts, and the game crashed. Tried again and managed to mess with the SU-25 for about an hour when there was a beep, and the screen went blank. Tried restarting and nothing. The monitor wasn't getting a signal. I put in a GeForce 210 I happened to have and the computer started working again, so it looks like even on low settings the game was to
  9. Wow I figured they would be larger than that. Guess a 1TB M.2 SATA SDD will be more than enough.
  10. Hi, new user here. I will be getting the game and a few modules soon, and was wondering if there is a list of exactly how big the game and modules are. The store just says either 60 or 120GB on everything, and I need to figure out how big of a SSD I should get (I won't be getting all modules, just a few).
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