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  1. Hey Les! I dont know whether they would be way different. But i would appreciate if you could share yours. Maybe from there we can work it out to a functional panel. I tried with John Hall example and tried to modify it. But the motor did 3x loops and desperately tried to do 315 degrees.... So no logic behind the actual gauge in the game #define DCSBIOS_IRQ_SERIAL #include <MotorVID28.h> #include "DcsBios.h" int smDirectionPin = 8; //Direction pin int smStepPin = 9; //Stepper pin int TotalSteps = 180; MotorVID28 motor1(20*4, 6,7,8,9);
  2. Does anyone posess an arduino code for a10c fuel gauge for vid28 dual stepper with 2x easydrives Loosing my mind to figure it out... Best regards Chuck Pit so far.. Stuck figuring out fuel gauge code.....
  3. Hey guys. Im really stuck generating code for vid-28-05 stepper with 2x easydrives for A10c fuel gauge. Can you help?
  4. Hey, yeah, plywood definately faster... Any good plans, which can be covered later with acrylic/3d printed sheets and edges? Hey, yes, will use Dremell to cut out those :)
  5. Anyone good glareshield plans/ideas for 3D printing :)?
  6. Most of the panels now cut. Initially MFD-s will be Cougars, eventually own made... ;)
  7. Version 1 of Glareshield but came out too heavy. Since now I have 3D printer, want to remake it. Anyone, good plans/ideas for 3D printing it? Have looked Lynx and its awesome
  8. Version 1 of the MIP. Got changed it a lot since.
  9. Started this project 6 months ago. Here you can track the progress. For all the good ideas and suggestions I thank in advance!
  10. Decided about 6 months ago to build Hog Sim. Here you can follow the progress
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