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  1. It's pretty reliable 9nm and under, well into the LAR , if you boresighted correctly that is. If a tgt is point tracked outside that range the handoff will probably fail and the seeker will go into a failed lock mode (the name I gave it since I don't have access to the proper documentation). The crosshair will have a large gap instead of the usual small gap but the MBC status remains in T instead of C or I. Normally TMS right will override this mode by forcing another handoff. This doesn't work correctly yet as I've been told. Another option is to TMS down to enter the AREA track of the TGP an
  2. So it has track replay by myself and Furiz. Any update?
  3. The flechette is a fin stabilized projectile. Considering terminal ballistics, the stability of spin stabilized projectiles depends on the medium. Spin stabilized bullet is pretty stable moving through air but will be unstable, ie start to tumble, when moving through water. This tumbling will transfer energy from the projectile to its surroundings. A fin stabilized projectile is inherently stable in whatever medium its moving trough. Therefore it transfers a lot less energy to its surroundings compared to shrapnel (really unstable) and spin stabilized projectiles (partly unstable). Of cou
  4. Track file (link valid for a week): https://1drv.ms/u/s!At1H2UTCuVEXsU_uvbCE-Sa8M3nR?e=YkHjhH My system Gigabyte Aorus X570 Elite AMD Ryzen 7 5800X AMD 6900XT 1TB NVME 32GB 3600-16 Reverb G2 Steam VR 70% DCS PD 1.0 dcs.log debrief.log
  5. When using AGM-65D/G FLIR on the WPN page the fps drops significantly. The TGP doesn't have this effect. Edit 1: I just tried it on SP in mission editor and it runs fine. It was on the hoggit Georgia at War server where I have the issues.
  6. I've never been able to change PRF on weapons with anything except a completely powered down aircraft.
  7. Do you have the circles if you start in the air?
  8. Stinger are going to do absolutely nothing compared to jets loaded with Sidewinders, AMRAAM or their russian equivalent. It's used as defence against enemy helicopters. You want protection against jets? Befriend a jet pilot.
  9. Pretty much the same setup except a 5800x. With 2.7 lost the smoothness I had before. Curious as to what settings you have at the moment in Steam VR (%) and PD in DCS, as well as the other settings.
  10. I know the RFI of the AH-64D was able to provide rough cueing information to the FCR. The FCR returns where then matched to the RFI hits generating a location where TADS could be slaved to. The pre 2000 -64D was ahead of it's time but I was kind of hoping the 2007 block 50 would have caught up. https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/ac/docs/ah-64-mfp-1-33.htm
  11. Would the TGP be able to receive cueing information from the HTS? Or is that what you ment?
  12. QNH is altimeter setting reference to MSL so the altitude is displayed as AMSL. QNE is altimeter set to 1013mb or 29.92mm. The last setting is used above transition altitude so that all aircraft in a large area can be on the same altimeter setting. Which is important to maintain vertical speration. https://images.app.goo.gl/4ZuhcaqawdMTZciFA
  13. I've asked the same question, also because it's already in the manual. ED has stated it's planned for future release.
  14. I am using TARGET and have binded the viper a/p with the following settings: To activate the O layer I use the red pinky button on the throttle. edit: can my post moved to the new thread?
  15. You can only change laser codes when the aircraft is completely off. No power whatsoever. On the kneeboard it shows which key combo to press to advance the laser code 1 digit. RS=right shift RA=right alt and then 9,0,= depending on which digit of the code you want to modify. Just remember to do it first thing on a cold startup.
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