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  1. I'd make sure your confident with take-offs and landings before either campaign first, to the point where you can consistently recognise and avoid VRS. You'll want to learn the navigation tools (doppler and radio) as well, although there are the in-game tutorials that do a good job of explaining these. Make sure you're used to take-offs/landing and flight with various loads in the cargo bay and how it impacts flight performance. Once you're happy with the above, Oilfield just requires you to be competent at sling loading. Spring Tension is a lot more varied and will require you to
  2. Hi, I just finished the campaign and wanted to share my thoughts. I enjoyed the campaign and feel like I honed my Mi-8 skills, especially with using the navigation devices and the sling loads. This campaign seems to be the most robust one I've even played in terms of triggers working correctly. A few issues I did have: Almost all missions had some sort of crash with traffic aircraft or other oil-rig helicopters (such as the Mi-8 or Mi26). The helicopters would often collide with something labelled 'tyre' on the summary screen. Traffic at the airfield was s
  3. I did Oilfield mission 8 last night and had similar issues with the logs. The barrels and fuel were ok, except the fuel started rotating really fast in a way that didn't seem physically possible. With the logs, I'd be flying nice and straight with no extra input and suddenly they'd just fly up high to one side. My sling loading skills aren't great and I was flying at 150, which is probably a bit too fast according to an above comment, but the swinging did seem kind of odd regardless.
  4. Just had a similar experience to this - I followed the north road from the large town but there are two north roads, with the one closer to 000 being incorrect - it seems the correct road is more like 340ish. Luckily I spotted the village with the mosque off to my left, but once I received further instruction there it felt a bit vague - clearing near the north edge of the forest. I was looking near the forest at the edge of the town then checked a nearby clearing. There are quite a few clearings in the forest in this area. I ended up checking someone else's playthrough on Youtube and they had
  5. I've just completed the campaign and thought I'd share my thoughts. I'll have spoilers in here as I'll write a quick summary of each mission. Overall I really enjoyed the campaign! The dialogue and setup in the missions really help with the immersion, it doesn't just feel like I'm hitting a bunch of triggers. Music was really good, although it did play quite often, so by the end of the campaign I had heard the tracks many times; there was also a bug where sometimes more than one track would play at the same time. The variation of the missions was a real high point - I felt like you made the mo
  6. I left a Big Show review on Steam to hopefully help out a bit. I think the Steam page does a terrible job at communicating what is required for the campaign to work. There is a big purple box that says you need base DCS, but there is no mention of the Spitfire or Normandy modules until your smaller description. Perhaps the store doesn't support 'DLC for DLC' so to speak as is the situation with the campaigns (I noticed most campaigns have the same review problem for the same reason). Perhaps ED can sort something with Valve to make it much clearer.
  7. I completed the campaign over a month ago I think so it was before the recent DM changes. It could have been a mistake on my behalf getting hit by flak but it's not relevant now if it has changed dramatically. I read about the taxi and map quality bugs before I got stuck in so they weren't a real issue. I just remembered I also liked the radio transmission you receive while doing a radar calibration flight on the way to France - a nice surprise! It was also nice to feel like part of a flight rather than having to be a superhero and shoot down everything myself - there was great satisfaction ju
  8. I finished the campaign recently and just wanted to say I enjoyed it. I was inclined to buy the campaign due to your activity on this forum and response to feedback. I hit a few issues during the campaign but it seems most of it is out of your control as discussed with others: Wingmen like to crash in to you on taxi Some missions take part over low detail area of the map Enemies seem to get utterly trounced - even when in superior numbers, this leads to friendlies often dog-piling enemies. There were a few times where I was lining up my shots when I started seeing tracer fly past me as a s
  9. I think I had a related issue on this mission where my ABRIS and EKRAN were in Russian, but everything else (switch labels etc) were English. When I got to mission 5, everything was English again. Played recently on the latest stable build.
  10. Thanks. I'm enjoying the campaign so far and it is good to see you on the forum responding to feedback - it was a big plus for buying the campaign.
  11. Hello, I just played this mission and experienced the same confusion. I was told to land on the roof and managed to do so, I was then told that the package was received and I was good to take off, then to make sure not to exceed the velocity limits. I flew back to the factory and landed but nothing happened. I checked the F10 map and realised there was a sling load back in the mountains that I assume I needed to pick up. I don't think getting a sling load is clear as there is no mention of it in the dialogue - I just assumed the cargo was 'loaded' in the cargo hold in the back.
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