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  1. Air to air PVP will affect the experience, so be careful I think air to ground weapons can be used as long as they are not the latest products For example, agm158 can be used in the early type F16 and FA18 A variety of air to ground weapons can enhance the fun of the game
  2. In order to consider the confrontation experience, I propose aim120c-4 75 km range, against the SD10, the current 120c is weak
  3. Agm88e is not a very new weapon and does not affect the balance of the game Agm88e and agm88c have the same appearance. No extra modeling is needed. Only the following parameters need to be modified
  4. Second point:Please upgrade FA18 weapon Please add:AGM88E,AGM84H/K,AIM120C-4 75KM or AIM120C-5 105KM Against JF17 LD10,C802 ,SD10A or SD10B
  5. The first point:The bomb explosion effect in the game is too fake,I have a very simple way to make him more real,No additional development is required
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