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  1. I don't know if this is a separate issue but ships don't sink at Batumi port when I bomb them, I thought the water might be shallow there as well. I have no idea if this is realistic or not though, I am no expert.
  2. This seems to be fixed for me in the latest release. I also don't see the weird behavior of AI aircraft before they exploded anymore.
  3. Thanks, the anti shipping missiles is also a bit too powerful, the player needs to at least have a chance of destroying the 4 attacking ships with A-10A's before they destroy the 4 incoming cargo ships. I have settled on the Samuel Chase, the green tracer guns are similar to what I want for guns, they do damage but still manageable. They don't have heat seekers for defense but they do have red tracer guns which is sort of a compromise, I would still prefer Igla type missiles fired rarely with ZSU-23 like guns. The Samuel Chase also doesn't look like the ship I want (needs to be big
  4. Awesome thanks, I will try it out on Friday. I thought that distance I chose was sufficient
  5. https://web.tresorit.com/l/w2wSM#FelTFsWkUgNgUalYUIo9hw Here is a link to a track where my F-15 explodes. I have played it at x16 speed where I could but it's still too big for a direct upload, although I don't think the speed at which I recorded it would have an influence on the file size. I have played the replay and the same thing happens. After watching this I started to wonder, maybe it's going off course for some unknown reason, and when it rejoins formation it encounters some weird unexpected state and DCS doesn't know what to do so it kills it? The F-16 problem I had showed s
  6. Oh right, I forgot it's not a video, I only use them to record a video that's why I thought it was a video. I will check a few times and come back
  7. Thanks @Pikey, no I mean to disable surface to air missiles but keep the guns. I have just enabled the immortal setting in my mission and let the ships fire their missiles freely. Even their guns are a bit too deadly for what I want so I'll just leave it at that until someone has created the perfect ship for this mission I have.
  8. I am very sorry for my late reply but I don't get any indication when someone replies even though I am following this. What do you mean by track files? The video recording you can save when ending the mission? I have managed to solve that issue with my F-16 by adding the "React to threat" option to the group and set it to "Evade". I also played with RoE option but I believe it was the react to threat one that changed the behavior. Now when I return to one of my earlier missions that has worked perfectly before, but not after some update between few months ago and now I am seeing the same
  9. Thanks @Backy 51. I have tested this without spending the time to take off and take part. I just sped up using ctrl+z and watched the Su-25's fly away. I am still new to mission creation. Mission 03.miz
  10. How do I let the AI Su-25 bomb the runway? Currently I have 4 Su-25 with a Runway Attack task, they are loaded with FAB-500 and at a waypoint I added a Bombing Runway task with the triangle on the runway. When they come close they turn away and fly away. But when I add a RoE option at an earlier WP and set it to Only Designated they will attack nearby tanks buildings and aircraft but not the runway. I have RTB on Bingo Fuel = off so they are not turning away due to fuel. Is it maybe the bombs? Do I need to use a special bomb for runways? I have Reaction to thread=Evade
  11. Works very nice, tested it at Krymsk, thanks!
  12. I am creating a set of missions, each have their own set of images and some share the same names, but for different missions. There is a bug where if your image names for the briefing panel images aren't unique in all your mussions then it will always display the same image from the first mission you viewed. So if you viewed mission 2 then view mission 5, then the image from mission 2 having the same name as another image in mission 5 will show instead. If I restart DCS and view mission 5 then it shows the correct picture but then it will show the wrong picture from mission 5 of I then go to m
  13. I am seeing the same issue, except I am creating a mission for A-10A's, and one of my F-16 AI aircraft always explodes midair somewhere over Batumi right before or after engaging enemy cargo ships, it's always the wingman and never the lead.
  14. I am recreating the missions on A-10 Cuba and since there aren't really that many shops to use, I would like to have one of the existing ones without it using its missiles. Is there something to customize its weapon use implemented already?
  15. Hello, In the first mission of The Wrath of Thunder campaign, the first F-5E to takeoff tries to line up on the runway at Batumi, it never aligns properly and ends up a few degrees to the left while taxiing very slowly, eventually reaching the ocean and just continues to taxi on water, it also does not collide with trees or any objects on the way. This causes the second F-5E to wait forever. I have tried to continue the mission by taxiing like a hooligan and overtaking the aircraft waiting in front of me but after I take out a few bogeys and continue my CAP nothing happens, I eventually run
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