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  1. You guys are only checking once a day...?
  2. certainly, the unrealistically low RCS figures of the various aircraft above aren't helping matters
  3. yeah I mean who needs situational awareness? other than the horsepower advantage everything you just said was inaccurate I've seen or heard so many pilots of other platforms IRL mention that they're "glad it's on our side" with regard to the F-15 due in no small part to the fact that it can be mach 2 at 45000 feet casting down long-range thunderbolts like zeus on mount olympus... in game the eagle's limited onboard radar and lack of a datalink (any kind) means you can be mach 2 at 45k feet if you want but zeus may as well be blindfolded
  4. man, that takes me back. so many guys used to play the Su-27 instead of F-15 because "they were really flying the plane" and "none of that fly by wire crap." though I don't remember a time ever when the F-15's radar was up to snuff, as I understand it flanker and eagle have the same radar as far the game is concerned
  5. you know I always thought the F-15 felt a little anemic at those higher altitudes at cruising power
  6. I mean that's the A model and I think it's still doing better than what we have in game...
  7. from what I understand, soviet estimates of detection distance capability of the listed fighters vs 3m^2 target at various heights...take it for what it's worth
  8. you know something I never realized I was curious about - how much ground attack capability was left over on the Tornado ADV? perhaps a question deserving of its own thread
  9. I would say the F-16 with its datalink and superior radar range makes it the biggest threat in the game at the moment, as it isn't very far off in terms of kinematic performance
  10. some guy named GGTharos once said "the 160nm setting is on there for a reason"
  11. I've said it before and I'll say it again: there is something wrong with your flight sim when it features the entire Teen series and the one which is best at BVR is the F-16!
  12. Perhaps it is the technique I have heard referred to as "external coherence"
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