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  1. lax22

    F-14 vs AI

    Fighting against AI in the F14, I have the most problems with the Mig29S. 2nd hardest opponent is the F16 in my opinion.
  2. I really enjoy the new weather that came with 2.7. However, I would appreciate if ED could add a rain preset that has better visibility below ~8k ft. The rain settings in the game right now basically make every carrier landing a Case 3 because visibility is near zero.
  3. I got my 3090 pretty quickly after I set up the extension "Distill" in Google Chrome which checks automatically once an item is available for purchase. I set Distill up to check Newegg and Amazon every 30 seconds and was able to order a FTW3 3090 within a few days. This was back in November, not sure if the situation changed in the meantime.
  4. I played Multiplayer for the first time yesterday and my game also crashed while trying to tune TACAN via the Jester menu. Thought it was just a coincidence that it crashed in the Jester menu but seeing your post I'm not so sure anymore...
  5. Thanks for your reply. Yes, the issue with the slanted/tilted view can luckily be solved via the WMR app. Still not sure why this issue would come up all of a sudden but good that there is an easy fix. I also just found an old thread that explained how to change the viewpoint in DCS (left & right) so I'm all set and hope that I won't have any other issues with this otherwise great headset...
  6. I played about 250h DCS in the G2 over the last few months and it has been a great experience until today. When I tried to play DCS earlier today, the view in the headset was tilted heavily to one side for whatever reason. For example, when I drove on a runway in one direction it was like I was driving uphill at quite a steep angle, going in the other direction was like driving downhill. Re-centering the view via Num5 did not fix this issue. It's actually quite a nasty problem since you want to puke and lie down once you take the headset off. I was finally able to get r
  7. Thanks for looking into the issue with mission 7. It's the mission I'm currently stuck at. Up until now it has been one of the most enjoyable DCS campaigns I played. Hope you will do another F14 campaign in the future...would gladly pay for it too!
  8. Hi, The F18 was my first and for a long time only module in DCS. I have been flying it a lot last year and enjoyed it immensely. During the last Winter Sale I picked up the F14 and have been flying it exclusively over the last 6 weeks. Yesterday, I went back to the F18 and all of a sudden, flying the Hornet feels like flying a spaceship because it's just so smooth and a bit lifeless. I'm aware that the FCS/FBW prohibits the F18 from pulling some of the crazy maneuvers the F14 can do (including ripping off the wings). However, I think that if ED would introduc
  9. That was it! I removed the AI F18s from my mission and it hasn't crashed since. Thank you very much!
  10. Hi, Ever since the latest update, DCS in VR keeps crashing after about an hour into a custom made mission I'm trying to play. I have been playing the same mission dozens of times in the last couple months and never had any issues with crashing. In what location is DCS/Steam saving the crash dumps / error logs?
  11. For me the Joly Rogers livery is also messed up since the patch. I did verify the integrity of game files via Steam and it didn't find any issues. In the picture below the carrier deck also has some weird shading but the color being off on the plane only happens with this skin and didn’t happen at all before the patch.
  12. Pressing 2 wasn't working for me but I figured out what the issue was. Whenever I start a game in VR, first thing I do is press Ctrl+Num0 which moves the seat position further back. I found out that if I don't do this I'm able to move to the RIO seat by pressing 2. For some reason it won't let me change to the RIO seat when I pressed Ctrl+Num0.
  13. Hi, When flying the Tomcat in 2D I can just switch to the RIO seat by pressing "2" or whatever button I assign on my HOTAS. However, when I play in VR neither pressing "2" nor assigning buttons to switch seats seem to work. Is anybody else experiencing the same or can somebody let me know what I'm missing? Thank you!
  14. I switched from a CV1 to a Reverb G2 last month. Actually only played a couple of short sessions in the CV1 since I couldn't stand not being able to read the instruments without zooming in all the time. In the Reverb G2 I have up to 5 hour play sessions without any eye strain and I'm very happy with the purchase. One thing that's not optimal in the G2 is that the sweet spot is kind of limited, so if you want to look at the instruments on the side consoles of the jet, you will have to turn your head a bit so that the instruments are closer to the center of the displ
  15. Hi, I just purchased the F14 module a couple days ago and it's already my favorite plane in DCS. (flying this thing in VR is absolutely amazing and a much more immersive experience than flying the Hornet) One thing I'm having trouble with is finding the keybinds for the HUD Modes (A/A, A/G, Landing etc.). I would like to map those modes to my Hotas but I can't find them in the controls menu. I also couldn't find the keybind for hiding the HUD camera. Am I missing something or are those just not available for mapping and have to be clicked with the mouse?
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