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  1. So it turns out that DCS was only picking up my toe brakes at half deflection, rather than full deflection, so it wasn't disengaging the parking brake. A quick change to axis saturation and it's suddenly much easier to take off!
  2. Thanks both for the tips, I think I need more practice too!
  3. This is a silly question (forgive me!) but I seem to have real issues disengaging the wheel brake fully when I start my take-off roll. Quite often my speed increases to around 50mph but gets 'stuck', I stop accelerating or continue accelerating but really slowly, leading to very (very!) long take off rolls before I get up to 100mph. (sometimes my MP fails to rise above 40, but I suspect this is a seperate engine management issue). I typically disengage the parking brake by using the toe brakes, is this correct? I have real issues in setting the parking brake in the firs
  4. Since 2.7 I cannot get the MFDs to work properly. Even at max brightness the MFD display is extremely dark and the DMT and TPOD are both basically impossible to use. I am an experienced user with many hours on the AVB8 in DCS, I've never had this issue before. Has anyone else had this? EDIT: So it turned out my gamme had reset to a very low setting, mystery solved.
  5. For me it was anywhere. I seem to have pinned it down to either a) old Nvidia Shaders b) corsair Icue software c) a background process from wallpaper engine (or a combination of the above) Killing these three seems to have cleared things up, might be worth @tn_prvteye checking if they happen to have any of these also running
  6. I'm having a very similar issue with my RIft S. I can play fine at 45 fps then randomly it will drop to 0.2 fps. Sometimes if I am really lucky it will go back to 45 fps after a few minutes, but most of the time it just gets stalled and I have to shut it down from the Task Manager. I've spent hours looking for a solution and trying different things with no luck.
  7. Issue: DCS in VR runs for a few minutes and then goes to 1/2 a frame per second. Sometimes this will persist for a minute or two, sometimes it causes a CTD. This happens in the main menu (if you leave the game there for a few minutes) or in missions (both single and multiplayer). In the period before it happens VR appears to be running smoothly at a good (40+) framerate. System: Core i7 9700k, RTX2070 Super (8GB), 32GB RAM, Oculus Rift S (with powered USB hub), WIndows 10 I have been through various 'VR Optimisation' guides and tested with and without (including things
  8. It might be unrelated, but I have had a similar issue dropping the racks of 4 x FAB100 from the Su25A. They seem to crash into each other immediately after release and blow me up. This may be a broader 'multiple bombs releasing from a single rack' issue. Though this does not happen everytime.
  9. So it was my antivirus, perhaps they have not updated the definitions in time!
  10. Went to play this evening, updater downloaded an update and installed it - all seemed to be fine but when the game tries to run I get 'Can't run directories/DCS.exe: (5) Access is denied. I've tried running as Admin, Repair and restarting multiple times with no success. Any suggestions?
  11. I'll let you know if it happens again, but for now I assume it was just my system being weird for once. Thanks for your engagement (and for the app!).
  12. There was no error reporting window. It did not happen the next evening when I played again, so perhaps it was just a script issue or something out of line that one time? I don't know. If it's not been reported elsehwere it is probably my system! It runs fine for me (ignoring my recent SPO issue that seems to be more to do with my DCS than anything else) on my old Galaxy Tab 10.5 (2014 original) with Android 6, if that is a useful benchmark for you.
  13. Whenever I am flying FC3 Soviet aircraft, using the SPO on the App and I get locked up it crashes the App. Is this a known issue?
  14. True, but people can choose to fly a Viggen at 20k feet if they want to, doesn't make it a bad module or make them sensible!
  15. I ordered on the 10th Oct and received around 7 weeks later, but it was part of a larger order including stick/grip, mounts and button box.
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