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  1. That would be great, couldn’t find it either and it’s not as easy to search as I would think. Once again, thank you
  2. Hello, I am gathering a list with the the playable planes and helicopters in DCS and wanted to ask your help to complete the following table with the Generation and Date of introduction of the specific model DCS uses, since many of the modules are modelled after later versions of the aircrafts. The First Flight and model Introduction was taken from Wikipedia and refers to the base models, but if there is some correction to be made or some module missing don't hesitate to say. I'll update the table with the information on your comments. Thank you!
  3. In the meantime I’ve also ran into an issue that setting the radio frequencies in the mission editor preset channels doesn’t change any of the presets in the aircraft. The exact same issue appears in a video by the Gream Rippers at 3:04: https://youtu.be/nAZ6o7g8cBU
  4. @Hiromachi thank you very much for your attention and forwarding to the team. Keep up the good work! Cheers
  5. I am reporting the following bugs and issues with the Christen Eagle II, currently on DCS Open Beta: a) An audio glitch sounding like a buzz saw can be heard when clicking the hotas buttons (or keyboard keys) assigned to: Canopy Open and Canopy Close Canopy Lock and Canopy Unlock Radio channel switch and Radio flip flop switch Accelerometer reset b) Both cockpit lights are unassignable in the controls. c) The Aerobatic Sight Device's upwards movement isn't limited by it's physical limits. Although the model doesn't move more than it
  6. Thank you for posting it the results! Just to check with you, you did test with vsync off ingame and vsync turned to FAST in nvidia Cork panel, right? That option inside the nvidia control panel was what made all the difference for me.
  7. Thank you for the suggestions @glide , I'm always interested in settings that produce better overall quality (but not to the point of not meeting the target fps of the monitor's refresh rate). You're post however also misses the point: like I've previously mentioned the settings I'm running are in no way shape or form the best settings, some of them may even be conterproductive in terms of performance or quality. I'm just referring to them so that we're able to repeat the same conditions and work our way from there. This forum post isn't a guide on the best quality/performance settings for DCS
  8. Thank you for the suggestion! Honestly, I don't think the extra cost in fps is worth it for the visual quality it gives. Although it's a very noticeable feature if you're looking at static images and scenery, when you're actually flying missions in a dynamic environment it will be practically negligible. This however is entirely subjective and it's up to each one's personal preferences and gpu headroom. You are however missing the point of this post: have you tried the suggested settings and gained any fps?
  9. No worries, you can probably test it in whatever map you want as long as you have a base of reference. The settings I'm running are in no way shape or form the best settings, some of them may even be conterproductive. I'm just referring to them so that we're able to repeat the same conditions and work our way from there. I've previously compared MSAA on and off and the impact wasn't significant (I could be mistaken, but I had the weird impression that without MSAA performed worse than with 2x), at least for the RTX 2070 (surely hardware differences can play a big part in this), so I decided t
  10. I've run into some weird performance gain, please check it here: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-world-2-5/bugs-and-problems-ai/game-performance-ac/7148299-dcs-big-fps-increase-vsync-off-ingame-vsync-fast-in-nvidia-ctrl-panel See if you can replicate the settings and report on your results. Cheers!
  11. @Art-J and @Boosterdog, you have similar specs in terms of processing capability as my setup; if you can, for the sake of repeating the experiment, can you try replicating with all the settings I mentioned (I moved the Win 10, Nvidia and DCS settings to the 1st post). When I started my adventure in DCS (not too long ago) I ran into all kinds of videos and guides on the internet claiming miraculous settings and my conclusion in the end I had not gained one single fps. Probably some are more beneficial to lower end machines, and I'm not denying that some people may find better performance follo
  12. Hmm, sorry to hear that. Maybe some technical limitation with how Nvidia fast sync works, but I wouldn't know for sure as that is beyond my knowledge and the scope of this finding :)
  13. I think you’re right, but what I’m suspecting with my finding is not about whichever vsync method you choose working as intended. Vsync working properly would result in smooth motion with no screen tearing. I am however reporting a gain in game performance which isn’t exactly what vsync is about.
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