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  1. In This Case, I Guess I'll Just Try To Sell Them. I Still Have My n52 Too. Here's To Hoping I Can Figure It Out. I Bought Voice Attack...That Went Over My Head. Nothing Like Game Commander Back In The Day (Which I Still Have)! So Much As Changed In 12 Years!! Games Like COD (Rampant Cheating) And "Pay To Win" Games Has Bought Me To DCS And That Has Been A Rude Humbling.....But Sticking It Out For The Long Run! Thanks For The Info....
  2. 1) I Have MS Sidewinder Stuff Just Collecting Dust. What Should I Do With Them. Are They Even Relevant Anymore? 2) Does Anyone Fly With A Keypad (ie: Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad)? If So, Visa Card At The Ready.
  3. My Dilemma Is That I Have The Disc But No Disc Drive. My Options Anyone?
  4. How Did You Make Out?
  5. Seems I Can't Send A PM....
  6. Over The Years, I've Created Multiple Accounts. Is There A Way I Can Consolidate Everything Into One Account?
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