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  1. YES please especially becuase static object don't impact as much as unit and have way more variety than units
  2. it' safe to say that this is another type of problem, instead of steering away they just go dumb, so @BIGNEWY i don't know if i may have create a new topic or continuing this is good enough
  3. Hi, here's the track file and i've added a video made on a clean map as you can see jsow C seems to work good, JSOW A just go straight towards a random point JSWOA_NOT_WORKING.trk
  4. are you guys able to hit something ? mine just roll off near the supposed target
  5. hi, i'm having the same problem with jsow, only i was launching them In PP mode, same behaviour, they miss during final manouvre, changelog of 27.01.21 stated that the problem was fixed but i'm still experiencing the same problem
  6. Hi, having the huey, the sabre a many other planes without navigational systems the autogenerated route in the kneeboard is not very helpfull and i need each time to go into F10 and use the ruler for heading and distance, it will be very nice to have automatically written on the kneeboard information about each leg, heading and distance would be just perfect but if you really want you could also add the estimated time for the speed you have set on the editor, i think it shouldn't be to difficult to do and very very useful for both wwii planes, early cold war planes and some helis Th
  7. Thank you very much, just dumped a 2 hour flight for not clicking "desg":cry:
  8. Hi guys i was trying to work out the Jdam drop in pp mode while before the update it was just "select all the targets in the ufc" and the works is done, now i'm struggling to understand how to ripple drop all the bombs after selecting all the different targets Any help?
  9. Hi, i read on this thread that the Forrestal will be usable by anyone, does it mean only in mission, or everyone could create a mission with the Forrestal in the mission editor without owning the Tomcat? Thanks for the reply
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