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  1. I'd love to see this too! Not sure how it would be implemented, maybe as a ship but with the 3d model far off the water? Not sure how it would be possible to land on it otherwise. I know there was a Zeppelin in the WWI mod, but I'm sure it wasn't landable.
  2. Just to reiterate: I am not hosting any of these mods. All of my download links go straight back to the host site where the mod creator(s) have posted it.
  3. The first one I'd like to see is the F-14E Super Tomcat (ST-21). For that matter, throw in the AH-56 Cheyenne! Now so far the only full-fidelity modules that have been made are real-life aircraft that actually saw service (F-14A/B for example). I'm just not sure how ED would feel about having 3rd party modules (not free mods) of aircraft that either didn't get past the drawing board or prototype stage, given that DCS is supposed to be realistic. On the flip side of that, I think that some of these machines might well help to level the playing field where aircraft like the upcoming Typhoon
  4. As far as I know, the Marianas map releases first as a modern map, so it'll go well with aircraft like the JF-17, J-11, and the Tomcat and Hornet. I'm looking forward more to the F-8J Crusader that Magnitude is working on, and I'm not sure I understand why they aren't prioritizing that over the Corsair since the Crusader would be more compatible with a modern version of the Marianas map, but that's another topic in itself. I think to make a WWII version of the Marianas map realistic, we'd need a lot more AI models (ships, aircraft, and submarines), and new flyable modules to the tune of what
  5. Now that is a proper skin, just needs a window fix!
  6. It's added now, available in the high-fidelity mods section.
  7. You know what, I did forget that one. I'll get it added shortly.
  8. What's the status on the Constellation Class Frigate?
  9. They said Vulkan is supposed to come at some point this year, like August maybe IIRC. I know it wasn't supposed to come with the initiqal release of 2.7.
  10. They do look like World of Warships models, but I'm not sure that the Iowa in World of Warships has the barrel shrouds that this has.
  11. I have a website with links to a number of DCS mods (see link below). https://sites.google.com/view/spinossimulationsite/dcs-world/mods?authuser=0 DISCLAIMER: I am not hosting or redistributing any of these mods, I am simply finding their locations on the web and providing a user-friendly way to access them. The "download" buttons will take you to the original location of the mod, so you can download it from there. On the main mods page I have some of the most high-quality mods listed, like the Community A-4E Skyhawk and Grinnelli's F-22 Raptor. I also have a sub
  12. Are you talking about Vulkan? That would certainly make it scale better over multiple CPU cores, but for people with CPU-strong systems it might not do them much good given the current GPU market. I have heard before that DCS can't take full advantage of high-end graphics solutions like the 2080ti and 3080, like it only uses 40-50% of the GPU, but ED may have already changed that, IDK. I wouldn't know anyway because DCS eats my GPU alive with usage around 99% most of the time, and mine is at the low end, so that's to be expected. Right now it's paired with an R5 1600AF, and atm that works
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