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  1. So I did some more research last night. According to several sources the 190A8 had a roll rate of a 162 deg per second at 255mph(410km/h). Compared to the P-51D which had a 71 deg per second at 200kias. Which is less than half the rate of the 190. It doesn't feel or even come close to those numbers in game.
  2. You can fire two rockets at once. Just space them out. If I see two targets close I will fire at one count to 2 then fire the second. The first will hit and then I slew the laser on the second. It takes practice but you can do it.
  3. Picking up a su-30 at 50-60nm is not impressive. I am a huge JF-17 fan, but that is like bragging about seeing a school bus from a mile away. The Su-30 is HUGE.
  4. That version would be the F8 model. The 190A4-8 was a fighter. The D9 was a high altitude interceptor. And the 109E-G was a light fighter. In more modern terms. The 109 was the F-16 and the 190 was the F-15. The 190 in DCS feels closer to a F model which was the ground attack fighter. The roll rate is to sluggish, it's dive acceleration and speeds are pretty meh. The energy retention is poor at best.
  5. Return is misspelled in the original post.
  6. At max throttle it will pitch up. Center of thrust is below the center of mass of the aircraft. This is by design. In the 29 less is more.
  7. Different doctrines. US doctrine was one was air superiority fighter designed to be able to kill at least four Aircraft for everyone lost. The other was designed to provide close air support with an immediate CAP. The F-15 was the high cover, kept safe away from the front lines. The F-16 is the front line air cover fighter. This is why it initially didn't have BVR missiles. The MiG-29 is designed to be used as an anti strike fighter, kill any low fast strike aircraft like the F/B-111 or B-1 or counter the F-16 dominance over the front line to allow the Su-25s to work. The Su-27 is or was Russia's answer to the F-15.
  8. Why are you comparing the F-15 to a MiG-29? That is like comparing the F-16 to the Su-27. One is a long range air superiority fighter. The other is a short range light fighter.
  9. Yeah I noticed it last night when I was defending against a player in a F-15C who launched ALL of the Amraams at me. I had four of them at one time behind me.
  10. 919... I almost was hoping for the MiG-29SMT.... But the C-919 is cool too.
  11. The block III also has an internal jammer and a cheek hardpoint for the Tpod.
  12. I would have never considered the Thunder as early access. It is more finished than 99% of the modules in DCS.
  13. I knew it he hates us! Just kidding. Thank you for being there and good luck. o7
  14. Outside of patches to fix things we haven't heard much from you. I don't assume to speak for everyone but I am sure we would love to get an update from you. What are your plans for the rest of the year?
  15. Don't assume I don't know how to deal with spamraams because I say they are skilless weapons. I just find the earlier generation of jet fighters to be far more interesting than the current 4.5 gen of fighters.
  16. I am happy for Truegrit and Heatblur. But I agree with Lt_Jaeger. I am tired of these kids toys Eurofighter...oh look another Fox-3 spammer for the skilless pilot. Where is the Phantom II, Crusader, Su-17, high fidelity anything Russian made after 1979. Nope instead we get another plug and play flying iPad.
  17. Unless Deka is making the F-4 Phantom II then I am also a no for other western aircraft. Perhaps the Jaguar. As it saw service all over the world. But my top five in no particular order. -SEPECAT Jaguar. - F-4 Phantom II. - J-10/F-10 Vigorous Dragon. - J-8 - Su-17. These would all be great additions and easily find a place in DCS.
  18. They could say something in a stickied post. Plans.... Goals.. or intentions. Just a suggestion.
  19. The PL-5 isn't bad. It is just an old missile when compared to the rest of the weapons on the JF. It is like slapping some AIM-9Ps on a F-16C.
  20. Perhaps they could expand to some other airforces. Like the Indian Airforce. We have the Pakistani-Chinese JF-17 perhaps we can get a Indian MiG-29 or a Mirage 2000, or even the Su-30MKI?
  21. Hodo

    AH-1 dead?

    I would be fine with that. It can at least stand in for the USMC version.
  22. True. I have been loving the Mirage on the Syria at War server... Where they limit the tech to 1988. No spammrams, limit of 2 aim-54s for a Tomcat.
  23. I remember when kb/s was fast.... Man I'm old.
  24. Even without the Block III version there. I can do just fine with the 7 hardpoints it has now. It's a light fighter, not a Su-27 or F-15E, people need to understand this. Still one of the best modern modules in DCS. And ED could learn from Deka and RAZBAM on the stores modeling, having g limitations is real and fun.
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