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  1. There is a lot to unpack in your post. ECM is one thing ED doesn't do well no matter what side it is. They know this. But getting actual ECM data from any nation, even going back as far as 50 years is nearly impossible.
  2. As long as I can do a bit of everything... While I doubt it will have TV guided bombs or rockets and no laser guided weapons... Because that is what the MiG-27 is for.
  3. The master caution alarm. It is loud, and as far as I know there is no adjustment for it by design.
  4. I am not sure of the Mirages limitations on max number of tracked targets. But it looked like it was tracking to many targets and updating them as the radar got a return and dropping the previous sweep. I love the Mirage but its radar is a little dated.
  5. That is due to your radar updating the position of the contacts based on the sweep. If you notice some of the contacts are on the first bar sweep the others are on the lower bar sweep. Saw a video by a content creator who has the new module updates .. and I look forward to using the BAP-100s for anything other than hitting runways..lol.
  6. One technical question. Will this be more accurate. I have found 82SEs fall long and slicks also. But BLG-66 fall short.
  7. Unfortunately I don't have the memory on my PC to do a comparison video or the skills to put together a mission and the video edits. I have flown the Av8b, Hornet, Mig-29, su25, 25T, 27 and 33. And the smaller rocket pods on all of those feel far more lethal than the Mirage rockets. I mean they are 68mm rockets right? That is a little smaller than the 2.75" rockets on the Harrier and Hornet, and smaller than the UB-32 rocket pods which are 57mm. Again I am not expecting to take out tanks, but to at least take out light armored vehicles like the BM
  8. Nice.. so now I can finally hit something.
  9. So most other rockets fired from pods are pretty useful against a variety of soft targets. It seems like the rockets on the Mirage are more of a really good suggestion. And less of a lethal weapon.
  10. One question about the original post. The bomb que line you mentioned that there is a separate marker for the last bomb vs the first bomb. I believe that is what is said. I don't really see it on my phone in that picture.
  11. I will need a tutorial video on all these new changes... Because I will default to the drop as many bombs as possible in an area and hope for one hit. Carpet bombing...works 50% of the time, all the time.
  12. Once you get the hang of the Mirage slow speed handling and how easy it is to land. You really won't want to fly anything else.
  13. I like your pretty words magic man.
  14. The magic 2 is far better than the PL-5 and the 9L. It is by far one of the better ACM missiles.
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