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  1. I like to play with pilot body on, but sometimes i need to turn it off in order to get to the switches i need (especially those connected with FLIR or fuel transfer/dump options). What would be nice in my opinion is a feature, that pilot body would become transparent in small area around mouse cursor. The same could be applied to stick and throttle, so we wouldn't need to turn them off completely just to see the switch behind them.
  2. I am wondering if DCS Hornet could receive pylon mounted direction and range finder receivers, which would enhance Hornets SEAD capabilities. (it is mentioned in the summary of this article: www.ausairpower.net/API-AGM88_HARM )
  3. Try HOTAS HARM/RAID button and than Cage/Uncage to perform hand-off for HARM in TOO mode. After hand-off seeker should show you only selected radar station. Than you can cancel the hand-off and press HARM/RAID again and hand-off again to see if it picked up another station which was overlaping on display.
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