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  1. This is a fantastic map! The level of detail is really to notch & I can’t wait to see the improvements you guys are making! So far they look great! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to making this simulation the best & for sharing the work in progress you guys have done so far.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have the A4 & a few other aircraft mods, nothing crazy. But a lot of the aircraft are not showing up. Like if I have a CAP mission the M-2000c isn’t there along with other aircraft. I don’t understand what’s happening.
  3. Wondering if anyone knows why this is happening in the editor. I have USA selected as country but when I go to add a aircraft some of the modules are not showing up. Like the F16, Mirage 2000 & mod aircraft as well. Any idea what’s going on? Thank you…
  4. Where do we find the documentation for these new campaigns? I’ve tried looking in my saved games directory but don’t see them. Thanks, E
  5. Hello, I was wondering where the document files are located for these campaigns? I’ve looked in my Saved Games directory and can’t seem to locate them. Thank You, E
  6. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the help! This happened to be what was left of a convoy that had scattered. I found the old crater pits from the pilot before me but took forever to find the leftover vehicles. I think the reference points and ground observations is a really great idea and something I’ll have to work on. It’s definitely an art form, so to say! Thanks again...E
  7. I’m using my Track IR and a 15” screen on my laptop. I don’t have a large screen yet and fly using my TM Warthog HOTAS with the zoom function mapped to the slider on the throttle. I need to learn how to make waypoints or mark points because flying around without them and using the F10 map is extremely hard! I fly right over them or very close at 8,000 ft or maybe higher and can’t seem to locate them zoomed in with the HOTAS. Very frustrating! I am a disabled veteran and cannot sit at a desk because of back pain, so I have my laptop and everything setup on my bed and fly laying/ sitting up in
  8. Hey everyone, I’m pretty new the the A10 and DCS and have been flying some online stuff with some friends. What’s the best way to find or spot ground targets like vehicles? I fly right over them and can’t seen to find them. What’s the deal? Thanks, E
  9. Any chance you could share a new link to this if it’s still available? Thank you...
  10. Thank you, yes that’s what I meant. I thought that was the radar screen as well but I’m new to this! Thanks for clearing it up though and I’ll look up how to get it shown. So the A model is only available to people that are beta testers? Or is this part of a beta build that can be downloaded. I’m guessing it’s the first one though! thanks again, E
  11. Hello, Im a total newb with the F14 so forgive me please if this is something really obvious & I’m overlooking it. I have the View keys programmed to the hat rotary switch on my Logitech Extreme 3D & it works well while in the pilot position and outside views. The problem happens when I hit the #2 key to go into the RIO seat. I cannot look around with it. Also, I’m playing from a MSI laptop and don’t use a standard keyboard so a lot of the keys I have to map differently to work in my keyboard. I did just order a Track IR yesterday so hopefully this will help a lot and I’ll probably bi
  12. Thank you! I’ll have to play around with it to get this down! Lots of stuff to learn! Thank you for the help.
  13. Absolutely! I copied the F18 profile over to the F16 knowing I’d have to change a few things but this drove me crazy! BTW do you happen to know what the lock target key is or what it’s called on the F16. I keep thinking it’s Enter but doesn’t seem to be it. Not sure what it’s called so don’t know what to look for. Keep thinking of my Falcon 3.0 days. That was a lamb compared to this! Thx
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