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  1. Yes, I do have that book....somewhere. Have to dig it up again. Excellent read.
  2. Man, what has happened to this guy? Hope he's ok, what with Covid and all. Sure would have loved to purchase one of these. Hope he checks in so at least we know he's ok.
  3. Yeah, it's funny. Tons of stats but nothing about time of day. Seems kinda strange. Whatever. Thanks for the reply bud.
  4. Thanks to Ranger for making this available. Not sure I'd be so happy if I paid money for it but....well, what the heck. Guess he made his pile. Anyway, having trouble with the campaign. First, why night missions? Hate that. Only on mission 6. Wonder if that many night missions flown. Want to have fun, not stumble around in the dark. Also, why co-ords given by JTAC on screen so short a time. Gotta be pretty darn fast with CDU to enter, which is ok but no way to repeat? Guess can't blame JTAC. Under fire. Gotta duck man. Now, JTAC drops smoke but....night mission. What good is smo
  5. Hey guys. Just wondering. What percentage of missions flown by A10's in Desert Storm were night missions?
  6. Gotta have that trim box!
  7. Hi. Here is my log file-- VAICOM PRO logfile Plugin version (release) License: PRO Executing automatic lua code installation. DCS World installation found: version 2.5 Using Registry entry for 2.5 Install path = F:\Eric's Games\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World Saved Games folder = C:\Users\Administrator\Saved Games\DCS Unchanged: Export.lua Reset: VAICOMPRO.export.lua Reset: RadioCommandDialogsPanel.lua Reset: speech.lua Reset: common.lua Reset: TabSheetBar.lua Reset: gameMessages.lua 6/7 DCS-side files were updated. DCS World installation found: version 2.5 OpenBeta Usin
  8. Yes, dang always forget some info(sigh). Latest version of Viacom and VA. Just got the Interactive Kneeboard. Works great. As I said, all was working great until short time ago. Very strange. Recently did big upgrade to Win 10 also. Was kinda rough. Made all my Thrustmaster joystick drivers go away. Had to update them. Don't know, maybe a factor. Very strange.
  9. I'm having a similar issue. My voice commands work fine but when I try to use the "Options, Take 1, Take 2, etc." method, the menus appear, I can navigate to the desired command and I see the radio call subtitle but nothing happens. Get no response on the radio from the recipient. Very strange. Has been working great, then suddenly...zip. Only with "Options" type commands. If I speak a command, ex. "Tower, request engine start", it works fine. Very strange. This in stable release DCS. Weird.
  10. Thanks for the info on slew upgrade. Looks great. Didn't mean to hijack thread.
  11. What?! No more FC3? Don't mean to hijack this thread but...whaaa???
  12. What?! RTFM??!!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo......
  13. So, the flat shadows removal is included in this mod? Sorry, confused. Thanks.
  14. Hey HF. Thanks for fixing up the Mirage. Works great! Been flying it a lot lately. Love to pop up that radar window and having the Viacom thing pop up also was driving me nuts! Guess we'll have to wait for 3.0 to get a profile for the A-10 II probably eh? Whatever. Anyway, thanks for the update.
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