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  1. What a fantastic idea. I can't wait to see what you guys do with the module.
  2. Sweet, thanks for the info! It might be worth mentioning that the only other script that does something similar is the Zeus script in Through The Inferno, and I noticed there was a patch for that a few months back that addressed the exact same issue of aircraft not being aggressive enough (or more accurately, at all). Unfortunately I don't know what change was made that fixed it - and in fact it seemed to still be kinda broken for us when we tried it. Loving your work on this even in the current state though, and the issue isn't that bad since we have someone playing dedicated game master. Cheers!
  3. Hi, Really cool script, can't wait to try it out in our missions. I just have one question - how do you make the air units that are spawned have an "Open Fire" ROE by default? It seems that all aircraft we spawn will not attack anything unless they are ordered to via Combined Arms. I feel like we're missing something, but we have scoured the documentation and can't find any sign of an answer. Right now if we spawn CAP aircraft of opposing factions and send them to each other via waypoints or orbits, they just ignore each other. Even spawning on top of each other they completely ignore both enemy AI and players. The only time that enemy CAP planes do not ignore the player is when they are literally merged on top of each other, at which point the enemy attempts to fire at them in self defense. But that only works for players, and any BVR or pre-emptive engagement is non-existent.
  4. The DCS Neko Squadron is a small squadron of friends welcoming any and all pilots looking for a relaxed, casual and friendly group to fly with. We have a wide range of pilot experience, from complete newbies to people that have been part of the DCS community for years. We currently run combat missions every Sunday at 2pm Zulu, with impromptu sorties and trainings throughout the week. Our main aircraft are the F-16C, F/A-18C and the A-10C II, but we will happily accept anybody flying similarly capable aircraft. We also fly helicopters from time to time. Features: - Relaxed and friendly environment welcoming pilots of all background and experience. - Weekly dynamic, squadron-tailored missions, as well as regular training flights. - Flight School and Discord role system to track your training and progress as a pilot in the squadron. - Instructors for the F-16C, F/A-18C and A-10C II modules to help you get started. Requirements: - There are no formal requirements to join other than making sure you act maturely and respectful. Whether you are brand new to DCS or have been playing for years, we'd love for you to come fly and hang out with us. https://discord.gg/3tSagcmw68
  5. Since the release of 2.7, the player's own F-16 engine sounds completely different to other F-16s in the mission while on the ground. This can be easily reproduced in both singleplayer and multiplayer by starting an F-16 on the ground and listening to the audio, and comparing it against other F-16s in the mission by spectating them. The player F-16 will have a higher pitched and louder sound to it, and other F-16s have a lower pitched whine. The difference is not small whatsoever; the sound is completely different. I recorded a singleplayer example here but the same thing happens in multiplayer with other players sounding different: https://streamable.com/yhvtv0 The question is, which one is correct? All F-16s made the higher pitched sound prior to 2.7.
  6. until
    Weekly organised flight, usually combat oriented. Actual mission and length varies depending on numbers and what members attend.
  7. To answer at least your first question, what you are describing sounds like you are overspeeding. This is intended, just slow down and it will go away.
  8. If I install this mod and run a server, do players wishing to join need to also have the mod installed?
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