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  1. In what parameters were these R-27s launched?
  2. These missile defense look familiar, you'll nail it down eventually.
  3. Will this change be implemented in the next update?
  4. I am losing hope in ED after they refuse to update the R-27 family of missiles. Why was the AIM-120 updated first with no plans to update the R-27 at the same time? It does not matter which mode you play in, single player or multiplayer. AIM-120 and R-27 need to be modeled to the same standards to provide fairness (not balance) to every player. If I use my R-27ER I cannot hope to even compete against an F-18 or F-16 that has AIM-120Cs, my missiles cannot reach a target that's maneuvering at 50Km head on aspect because it does not have mid course guidance with a radio like it does in real life and it loses speed too quickly in turns. And this situation is ignoring the EO bug and the joke of a chaff/flare resistance that the R-27s have. It is very discouraging to even play the Su-27/33 and MiG-29 because you cannot get kills until you get within 20Km head on aspect. I own the F-18 and F-16 and they both always get new features every update while the red planes are left with none. All we get are empty promises, red module development is ALWAYS pushed back and is always a year or more away. I doubt we will even get an update to the R-27s next year because your timelines are never followed.
  5. Thanks Alfa for making ED correct the R-27R! Lets hope they also take a look at R-27ER!
  6. @ChizhWhen will the R-27R be getting its radio corrected guidance to improve the energy retention of the missile? Right now it pulls full lead when launched and it is unsatisfactory and unrealistic performance.
  7. The AIM-120 eats chaff for breakfast because you're firing at AI. Do any of the same testing with a real player and the AIM-120 will ignore the chaff 99% of the time.
  8. I agree, chaff should be removed because it currently is not correct.
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