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  1. Are there any charts regarding the Meteor missile? Will it be based on pure fantasy?
  2. I pay money for these full fidelity modules that I want to be as accurate as possible. I want mine and everyone else's voices to be heard and influence decisions that ED makes. We are the customers after all. Because of the community demanding realism, ED reversed their unrealistic decision to allow the F-16 to employ all 4 HARMs onboard. It's a good thing for us to have influence if we are paying. Nothing should be "hidden away" everything should be transparent.
  3. Why does it not have a normal PN though?
  4. When will people realize a 5in antenna with a 30mhz battery will not be this insane ECM, chaff, and notch rejecting monster that they think it will be. If that was the case then the Gripen pilots in this video wouldn't support to impact while being targeted by the enemy missile as well.
  5. This doesn't help lol, all tracks should be reliable. The system obviously needs some work if it only half works!
  6. What does this mean in the context of DCS, will you change the R-27 to match the DLZ simulation? Does the DLZ simulator actually show ranges a certain percentage below the RAero ranges on the missile graph so that the pilot doesn't launch close to maximum parameters, thus has a greater chance to hit the target?
  7. Maximus could you post some tracks of the R-27 missing the 150 m/s closure rate at the specified ranges?
  8. Hi Chizh, Is there a possibility of reducing the CCM value for the R-27ET, currently it is easily defeated with only a few flares. Two flares is enough to defeat it. This cannot be realistic?
  9. I wish Chizh would tell us the other sources he has regarding the R-27ER/ET. Are those sources more accurate than the manual?
  10. The same can be said for a modern full fidelity Flanker like the Su-30 or even perhaps a full fidelity version of the Su-27S we already have ingame. The comparisons between the Mi-8/Huey and MiG-15/F-86 I think are not fair. Simply because the American counterparts are much more iconic compared to the Soviet ones. If only we had an Su-30 to rival the capabilities that the F-18, F-16, and JF-17 have, I think we will see a lot more sales. Enough to show that these red full fidelity aircraft are worth making, I hope ED truly is making the MiG-29A 9.12, it should hopefully change their opinion regarding red full fidelity aircraft.
  11. On the topic of ECM, will the unrealistic timer for the Flaming Cliffs 3 aircraft be removed?
  12. Well, since we are basing things off of thought instead of facts now I can say that I THINK you are wrong Chizh.
  13. Who said the charts are not accurate? Do you work at Vympel and can tell us with absolute authority that the charts are wrong?
  14. I don't understand how you can say the data is inaccurate when it is official data. Are you denying official data because you "think" it is wrong now? How many times have you told other users in this thread that what they think does not matter, and that they need to provide official data. Yet, when we provide official data you think is wrong because it is hand drawn? How can you argue against the facts? That is irrational, illogical, and asinine even, Chizh.
  15. In what parameters were these R-27s launched?
  16. These missile defense look familiar, you'll nail it down eventually.
  17. Will this change be implemented in the next update?
  18. I am losing hope in ED after they refuse to update the R-27 family of missiles. Why was the AIM-120 updated first with no plans to update the R-27 at the same time? It does not matter which mode you play in, single player or multiplayer. AIM-120 and R-27 need to be modeled to the same standards to provide fairness (not balance) to every player. If I use my R-27ER I cannot hope to even compete against an F-18 or F-16 that has AIM-120Cs, my missiles cannot reach a target that's maneuvering at 50Km head on aspect because it does not have mid course guidance with a radio like it does in real life and it loses speed too quickly in turns. And this situation is ignoring the EO bug and the joke of a chaff/flare resistance that the R-27s have. It is very discouraging to even play the Su-27/33 and MiG-29 because you cannot get kills until you get within 20Km head on aspect. I own the F-18 and F-16 and they both always get new features every update while the red planes are left with none. All we get are empty promises, red module development is ALWAYS pushed back and is always a year or more away. I doubt we will even get an update to the R-27s next year because your timelines are never followed.
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