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  1. I just configured a multi monitor setup myself and the MFDs on the second monitor are a lot less bright. Almost unreadable. Why isn’t this fixed by now?
  2. I have the same issue with F-18c. Created a mission with 2 F18's and when taxing from parking to runway, the AI F18 brakes to late and crashses their f18 into the back of mine.
  3. Hey guys, After flying DCS a-10 for a while, I wanted to get back in the chopper. Only problem is that my joystick input is not memorized by the trimmer. Only the rudder input is memorized. Any idea? Flight director is off, I have a Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar, central trimming is switched on in options panel
  4. Thx man! That did the trick! Do you have to eliminate all the tanks before your tanks move out, or can they also destroy armored vehicles and tanks?
  5. Question guys, I just started the campaign and I'm at the second mission where I have to support razor and elm. So I take off shoot a couple of tanks, land, rearm, give my wingman I structions, shoot some more. But the ground troops do not advance? I also don't get a message that my Mission is complete. Any ideas? Do I have to communicate with the ground troops or AWACS to get targets?
  6. Amazing! Looking forward to it! Does it impact FPS/performance?
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