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  1. I've really been enjoying the Hind a lot, these pass few days. What has stood out to me is the difference and progression Russia had made between our Hind and the KA-50. Where the Hind uses gyros and doppler radar to present a quasi moving map (not really) the KA-50 had CRT, with embedded GPS data. Hind's use of it's sensors to give a CCIP of weapons is fairly accurate, where as the Shark is using lasing and head tracking technologies for its solutions. I'm just curious on what triggers the development of these subsystems, whenever they are building their next generation of machines and how much were influence by the threat of US developments. Any prior CCCP weapons designers out there?
  2. How do you all see AI aircraft being implemented? Would be something like the movie “Stealth” with a Uber jet fighter? Would be more like a larger cargo craft deploying waves of smaller drones, each armed with one or two missiles that swarms an area?
  3. Speaking about the ethics. Do you feel it is ethical for a machine to autonomously decide to kill a human, without human intervention? Regardless if that person is an enemy or not?
  4. I’m curious on what some here may think of this story about Elon Musk. https://www.flightglobal.com/fixed-wing/the-fighter-jet-era-has-passed-elon-musk/137017.article The whole thing sounds like we are heading towards Skynet. What do you see has the pros of an autonomous fighter drone? What do you see as the cons? Where does all of this AI leads to in the next 20 years?
  5. You may have too much trim for your weight, or your stick’s y axis isn’t centered.
  6. Can you verify, that you do not have any axis conflicts associated with the throttle. I know you can push the engines up to a certain point and it will not launch unless they are at full. Worth a look. Good luck.
  7. For the barometric hold, make sure you have a little bit of deadzone in your pitch axis. If the sim pick up any off center movement it will not let you engage barometric hold.
  8. Did you click the obs button to the left of "TKN" on your bottom screen? You will need to either select TKN or WPT for the systme to know which one to use.
  9. I would suggest setting up missions with an AWAC in the air. Once they give a call, I would pause the sim, and think about how I am going to set up the radar to pick up the target. Over time I hope to get better myself.
  10. Just a shot in the dark, but you did extend your wheel bar and press “u” to lock into the catapult, right?
  11. I have the same problem. I think it's tied to using a mission created prior to the release of the FA-18. When I make a new mission, the Iranian units work. I am not sure why though.
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