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  1. For anyone who gets the 2nd crash, I highly recommend you to try Taz1004's method as it worked for me and I did not get any crash with this method for 3 days now. Only addition I make to this method is I did the whole method once but I enable fullscreen optimizations and apply and then disable it and apply on DCS.exe at every pc start. And by the way, don't think that when you disable fullscreen in DCS settings does not mean that you can't play in fullscreen. You still play in fullscreen by Alt+Enter as Taz1004 mentioned. And since you are playing the Open-Beta complete
  2. It seems like whatever causing the problem, comes back after a pc shutdown for me. I was getting 2nd mission load crash constantly. Yesterday I tried Taz1004's method and for whole day I did not get a single crash until I turned on my pc today. I will stick to the method as far as it keeps me away from crash. Though you are right, the root cause lies elsewhere else.
  3. Well, I got the crashes until I executed the whole process again. (Enabled fullscreen optimization on both DCS.exe DCS_updater.exe applied and then disabled again. Then enabled fullscreen in DCS options, applied and disabled again.) So far so good.
  4. Taz1004, I really enjoy this mod so far, looks really nice. Fire on aircraft ground collision looks a little big for me. Can you please tell me which file and line governs it so I can make it a bit smaller for myself if you may?
  5. Thanks for the tip but how do you set your Mouse Polling rate?
  6. Thank you. I think it looks so much better now. And about the fps, I do not know why it is lower in that image but it is usually around 10 fps lower with the mod in this particular view.
  7. Hey, just trying out this legendary mod for the first time. Thank you for your efforts. I put a few 'huge smoke and fire' effect on a city, I do not know if that's right but I think they look kind of weird. Flames go too high I believe. Can you please confirm this? (I uploaded both with and without Bettersmoke-v11.)
  8. Hi, Is there any way to change AI skill level of all units in a mission without setting through every single unit?
  9. Thank you for the suggestion, Dallenbach. Well I did a clean installation of the core and game hub as you suggested. It is still the same. I installed lastest version of the core on tobii website then tried latest version on dell website, and your version. With all of them everything was same.
  10. I have the same options in Gamehub. I do not know why I don't have TrackIR category in the game settings. It may be that they have implemented both eye and head tracking only as headtracking, though I do not know.
  11. That's interesting. I use the Tobii in Alienware 17R4, what do you use? Do you also have both eye and head track in game? I have only one column named HeadTracker and it controls both eye and head movement. And that's what I mean, I cannot control my head and eye tracking separately.
  12. Yeah I also like the Gamehub's settings. But if you had different separate settings in the game, it would be so much different. For example, you could set your gaze tracking to ''Absolute Camera Horizontal View'' and ''Absolute Camera Vertical View'' while your head tracking controls the ''Absolute Horizontal Shift Camera View'' and ''Absolute Vertical Shift Camera View''. By doing so you would get both looking around and moving your head in the cockpit (with the exception of z axis ''Absolute Longitude Shift Camera View'')
  13. Hi, This is going to be difficult for me to explain, so I hope I can make it clear. I have a laptop with tobii eye tracking device. It can detect both eye and head movement separately; gaze tracking and head tracking. Now DCS has a settings category named ''HeadTracker'' but those settings actually govern both eye and head tracking simultaneously. I mean in DCS there are no difference between head or gaze tracking. And so I cannot set their settings differently. Do you think there is anyway to edit gaze tracking setting separately? (maybe adding another setting category; GazeTracker?
  14. Great mod good sir! Thank you for your effort. I always thought the haze was too much. Although your setting reduce it some, I'd like to reduce it more. I've been trying to figure out how to reduce it even more for two days now with no luck. Can you tell me how to do it please?
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