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  1. I just tried it, and same for me
  2. Hi guys, I played a few days ago. He crashed the first time for me. I haven't tested thoroughly, but second flight, I pitched up harder, then went back down to join up with Berger after passing through over Apex. As I said I haven't tested thoroughly, but maybe it'll work for you too?
  3. Just finished the campaign, scored 60. I think the campaign was really ambitious and I loved the radio procedures and especially the dialogue/banter on the transits through Sally. I thought it was a very good campaign -- not mediocre as in the F-10 menu, but I did have more fun in the included Caucasus campaign. The campaign just seemed too complex and in my current version (OB I felt I ran into trigger problems on too many of the missions. I've been replaying Raven One and Georgian War which don't seem to suffer from the updates, probably due to smaller packages? I sure wish I could have played M2000 Red Flag when it was first released, but only got into DCS last year. Of all the characters/wingmen from various DCS campaigns out there I loved M2000C Red Flag's the most. I loved hearing Biff's and Berger's voices again, but Max was my favorite! Someone please tell me what all his curses were saying if it doesn't break the forum civility rules
  4. Hey BD! I had Tornadoes destroy Rolands and Chevy 2 cleared to attack. Chevy 2 just circles their waypoint and after a while, I get a message we're end of VUL. I didn't commence my attack since I was waiting on Chevy 2. On the in-air debrief am told Chevy 2 destroyed the runway and I (Chevy 1) destroyed some of the fighters, which didn't happen. I still passed the mission with 55.. hope this helps! On open beta
  5. Hey Jenson! Have you read the book? The campaign is a tie-in to the book and assumes you've read or will be reading along with it. If you don't want it spoiled, I suggest reading or listening to it, but if you don't care let me know and I'll do my best to answer best to my recollection
  6. Hey everyone! Mostly enjoying the campaign but the long startups combined with AI silliness is leaving me a little frustrated. Just attempted the M2000C Red Flag mission #10 and: Voss and 2-2 (Tornadoes) crash on takeoff Joker (Mirage) crashes after 24 minutes on the commute north, likely due to Tornadoes flying low and slow the entire way, as they were waiting for Voss and 2-2, who crashed on takeoff, to get saddled and never increased their speed. Shagrat and Twister 3-2 (Tornadoes)leave after about 43 minutes, leaving only Raku and 1-2 to do begin the SEAD run. So this leaves 5 out of 10 of my planes out of the action before the action even starts... Thankfully, one of the enemy F5s also crashes upon spawn What would have been an 10 vs 6 fight ended up being a 5 vs 5. After killing one aggressor Mirage, I was bingo fuel so bugged home and got gunned down by the last enemy Mirage. I know I need to git gud with the Mirage but it's frustrating with all the AI silliness tilting the tide of the battle -- AI mishaps causing me to lose 50% of my flight while the enemy only loses 17% due to AI. So my questions are: 1. Are there any current workarounds to get through mission 10's AI crashing or going AWOL? 2. Is there a way to use the mission editor to air start us all at higher speed and altitude to so I can start where the action begins with hopefully my entire flight intact? Thanks, and you may deal directly with me now: Colonel Akir Nakesh
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