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  1. You don't need software to determine if you have V.3 since it has two threaded holes already.
  2. It's in the manual. There is also a diagram with the names and button numbers, as a PDF that I think is part of the TARGET software. Edit: Not sure if this is allowed (technically it's Thrustmaster copyrighted material), but here are the diagrams. warthog diagram.pdf
  3. I've never had an issue with head tracking on my G2.
  4. You don't need bifocals for VR.
  5. Not sure how this is any better than PointCTRL?
  6. Sure, it's a tech demo. But even a 1.5 to 2x increase would be fantastic. I'm sure many people would upgrade their video cards for that (assuming any were available).
  7. My spam folder didn’t contain anything. Guess it means my pre-order didn’t go through.
  8. Do we get any confirmation that our pre-order form went through successfully? Because I never received any.
  9. Have you tried other VR apps? It could be an issue with just DCS, maybe one of the settings.
  10. It shouldn’t. Mine is set up for seated and I have no problems leaning forward.
  11. This could improve VR performance significantly, if the DCS engine could be re-written to incorporate DX12 Ultimate. https://www.pcgamer.com/nvidias-rtx-3080-destroys-amds-rx-6800-xt-in-new-3dmark-test/
  12. How high do you need to raise the seat? Building a box out of 2x4s would be a cheap way to do it. You can paint it black to make it less ugly.
  13. Got my Crosswinds today, and been playing with them for a bit. Initial reaction is that they are much better than the Saitek/Logitech pedals. First off is the build quality. There is no play with the crosswinds. The Saiteks have a noticeable amount of lateral play in the pedals: they jiggle. The Crosswinds are quieter and much smoother than the Saiteks. Also, they are much more adjustable. Even at the lowest tension, the Saiteks are still a bit too stiff for me, and with a marked centre detent, it is difficult to provide small pedal movements. I like that
  14. Did you check your system events to see if you are getting errors?
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