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  1. definately not on wifi. Im on Ethernet Cable.. Thanks for thinking with me..
  2. Got this error during install of Normandy terrain. Mudules seem to install without a problem, if you do it one at a time. Completely reinstalled DCS :mad: Still no Joy.. Someone with a solution ? Thanks The Log is included autoupdate_log.txt
  3. Oke ..My bad..:music_whistling:, thanks for the hint..:thumbup: Missed a few steps. watching Wags more carefully helped... Got the TV image after release now, only steering the weapon is not working it seems. But this one i will figure out myself :smartass: Tanks again..
  4. I was wondering, if there are more Pilots having Problems with Wally.. When i do everything by the book, and by the tutorials i can find. I keep losing TV image when the weapon is released. The station Channel is selected , the weapon is uncaged, the link is operating..but still no TV image after drop, and so ..no Man in the loop Guidance :joystick: Is there somebody with the same problem ?? If not....Whell..it must be me ! :huh: Thanks already
  5. As soon as the skids just slightly touch the ground, there is no pedal input possible anymore. There is no reaction on the pedals input at all then. Even if you are solid on the ground and no collective..it should move a little with full rudder pedal deflection. The Physics are wrong here. This is very noticeable at the moment you lift off. Only at the moment the skids loose all contact with the ground the rudderPedal control is activated it seems. It should be much more transient. Hope it can be fixed. Regards..
  6. Sometimes during flight, it looks like the Rain Haze is passing in the wrong direction. It is not always the case, But when it does.. it gives a bit of a strange effect, ..feeling that i'm flying backwards :huh: Track included.. Greetz Rain Haze direction.trk
  7. Thanks for the answers.. It was the booster Coil.. tested it..and ... As soon as I release the booster coil during starting without magnetos switched on. it stops firing..(with an occasional bang in the tailpipe :D ).. Great simulation..:thumbup: And NO BUG :smartass:
  8. When Both magnetos are OFF.. (forgot to turn them ON..Again :music_whistling:). De engine still fires up fore a while when starting it. In my opinion this is not possible, and very dangerous IRL. When both Magneto's are switched off, the engine should only rotate because of the starter. There should be no Ignition. If I'm wrong I'm wrong...But I think i'm right. Can somebody confirm this as a Bug.. Thanks already
  9. Oke, Thanks... Then I stand corrected, I am not familiar with the F16 GE engine mechanics.. Regards,
  10. During flight, throttle at idle, the exhaust nozzle should be in the most possible closed position. As soon as the landing gear handle is down, the nozzle should open fully, to reduce thrust during landing. At the moment the nozzle is fully open with throttle in idle during flight and gear handle up. Hope it will be corrected.. Greetz.. John
  11. Sorry, I have some flight experience..and of course you will feel sideslip in RL.. There is a reason why the slipball is pushed left or right...that force you will feel on your body (leaning left or right). The greater the sideslip the more you wil lean left or right in your seat. But the main question remains … is the amount of wake turbulence tuned differend for the differend Aircraft. Lighter Aircraft create less lift...so should create les wake turbulence. Is this taken in account by ED.....and How ?? I think it is a valid and normal question...and should be easy to answer by
  12. P3CFE

    wing flex

    The wings bend in a very unnatural way. 1- During G load the pitch down warping of the outer part of the wing is way to much. 2- During roll the wing bends like there is an aileron on the outer part of the wing pulling or pushing the wingtip up or down. 3- the bend during release of store is also a bit to much in my opinion. Note: The flapperons of the F16 are on the inner part of the wing and could not affect the outer portion of the wing that much. Wing bend (vibration) on the ground look great. I know WIP... But maybe this helps.
  13. Oke, Thanks. So, I can take it as an acknowledged "deviation from reality" in DCS from the DEV's, that was my main question, thanks again for clearing that up. I Hope it is going to be marked as "Reported" then, that is a great way of ending the discussion :D I can totally understand it is a low priority at the moment ..with al the development going on. But the line part "If or when it wil change" gives me a doubt. What I would totally not understand is that the dev's may be deciding to not correct this, when there is time for it (maybe that could be explained by somebody then).
  14. I also remember that that was unworkable in the Harrier. I have checked that out a moment ago....and luckily that fault seems to be fixed. It was the same kind of error. Greetz
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