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  1. when is the new version gonna be releasing ? im excited
  2. will EFM come to keyboard and mouse ?
  3. the ship doesnt have a collision model ?
  4. my su 30 doesnt have efm i downloaded the latest version it only have sfm on it
  5. is it just me or is there no sound on the battleship
  6. hey @Admiral189 could you make the gepard class frigate , it be cool if you would add it in heres are some pic
  7. when will this be release to the public ?
  8. could you make the vietnamese su 30 skin on this ? And for some reason I can’t fly it but I can sit in the cockpit and control the hud and air breaks , but I can’t use the joystick, throttle and rudder. I have fc3 and the 1.6 version of this mod
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