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  1. Question about the file? I get an error message that says there is no application at path C:\DCSWorld\bin\DCS.exe I don't have anything at that particular path, how do I get the profile to work without going through and rebinding everything on my systems?
  2. I've done some research on how to actually fly the plane in DCS, I was flying it wrong. I was trying to fly the P-51 like a jet, not like a piston engine plane, I kept destroying engines and couldn't figure out how/why. After learning what the gauges were, where the needles should be, etc... I was able to trim the plane. Basically I was trying to sprint when I should have been crawling. As the line goes in the Army for training "Crawl, Walk, Run"
  3. I've got my Warbird base and just got it mounted on a Monstertech desktop mount finally, but I can't seem to trim the P-51 out, no matter how slow, or fast I go. I have watched videos by several people on the basic flight characteristics, basically keep the needles in the green and don't fly it like a modern jet, you shouldn't have an issue. But I have also seen the same suggestions with the 30% or more curve input. I tried that when I had a desk mount and did not care for how it worked, now I'm looking for suggestions to figure how to trim this plane. I can Almost keep the nose down, but
  4. Apologies Draconus and rwbishUP, this says that I have not read this reply to my post but I did read your reply and had thought I had replied to to your reply. I am only going through it again because I found the the answer to the original problem, but I mucked something else up and am looking to see if someone knows how I can unmuck it. The original issue had to do with the different profile for the plane modules...for example, right now if I fly the A-10C II Real.diff.lua profile I can use the F2 button to step outside the plane and use the mouse to move freely around 360*. But i
  5. Here is just the opposite...I think. I accidentally deleted ALL the key binds, including the mouse, and I didn't mean too, I only meant to do them on one category on one aircraft, but it deleted them on all saved profiles on all aircraft. How do I get them back? I have already clicked on the "Reset category to default" but that doesn't work completely. I can't use the mouse to look around outside the aircraft when I use the F2 button. I don't know enough about the game yet to know where to get all the files to refill the files, I'm getting to the point of deleting the entire setup
  6. I think I missed something somewhere...where does the export end up?
  7. While flying training missions in the A 10-C I lose all control of the flight control stick after the game has put my plane on auto pilot. When control is turned back over to me the only way I can control my plane is with the trim control, just enough to get it back into auto pilot myself, but once I come out of auto pilot, I again have no control. I am awaiting a Virpil Warbird base for my Warthog stick, I am hoping that the issue is the X52 HOTAS controller itself. Any thoughts on the matter will be greatly appreciated.
  8. I ran into this and am stuck! I have all 3 monitors on 1 and can not get to the apply button to return to 1 monitor, so right now I'm screwed without help. I sent in a help ticket, they gave me a list of links to check, this was one. I'm clueless when it comes to coding, I keep seeing mention, as in this thread, of changing the monitor size, or adding code to a file. I've got a 40" smart TV as my main set at 1920x1080, my left and right monitor size is 980x760. When I attempted to adjust the settings to LMFCD+CAMERA+RMFCD the left & right MFCD's overlaid the left & right 1/3
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