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  1. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/40620/a-10-warthog-pilots-are-using-the-digital-combat-simulator-video-game-to-train-in-vr
  2. It is pretty easy to break the flaps. What was your speed when you deployed the flaps?
  3. Jester Menu 1 4 1 3 4 8 6 1 to manually set 134.00
  4. I installed the DCS UFC on my old Galaxy Note and fired up the F-14. I was pleasantly surprised to see it work on the first try. Right away I got out my 1st gen Galaxy Note and tried to install it. Success! Now I can see all of the warnings/alarms and Engine/fuel without tilting my head down for the TrackIR. Brilliant and Well done Pet333r.
  5. Looks like the F/A-18C might get the RT-1489/ALE
  6. First thing that came to mind; What will they name the AI BN? And this https://theaviationist.com/2014/08/06/ka-6d-partial-ejection/
  7. I can't wait! First flight as KA-6 AAR....whoops, no hose for you mister F-18 followed by Ejecting the (to be named at a later date AI) right seater all while laughing hysterically to a background music on the Walkman playing AC/DC "Highway to Hell" over the UHF radio.
  8. You can get Jester to set the ALE39 thumb wheels to match the load out. Here is my extensive over explanation. I had some success with setting the Chaff to pilot controlled, versus flares, this using the pilot's DLC button. If the gear/flaps are up then the DLC button is the pilot's countermeasure control but you can only have flare OR chaff, not both. Of course the RIO has control of both flares and chaff. Jester menu, 6, 2, 2. (This is the RIO's ALE37 Flare MODE switch in the NORM position). I change the load out to have a significant amount of chaff avail
  9. You can re-arm with the engines running FYI. But if you need to shutdown for repair, first connect the ground power. That will keep the INS spinning.
  10. Started the Campaign for the 2nd time around. It is that good. Here is a picture after night landing in mission two. 1 Bolter and 1 Three wire. So real. So exciting.
  11. I have split throttles. I get setup behind the tanker at about the correct speed then use the right engine only for speed changes during refueling.
  12. Just for fun; Try air to air refueling in multiplayer. It is on my checklist to shut up Jester. What a clown.
  13. I saw someone sitting on the cat3 for five minutes. He was messaging for help and whatnot. I told him about Lshift U. A few seconds later..whoosh...good times.
  14. The S-3s seem to have a glitch that the basket will appear deployed, a phantom. Cycling the radio process seems to fix this, 'abort contact' then start over. Otherwise I do this: WINGS: Bomb mode PROBE: OUT Exterior Lights: ON JESTER OFF: menu 8,2 Popups and message windows off. Slump down in the seat and lower the seat (especially with the S-3)
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