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  1. Good stuff BIGN Glad to hear, we are getting somewhere when it can be reproduced !
  2. https://discord.gg/F5uPhMFh sorry man im just now seeing this, I love the effort they put into it! go in there and give a shout
  3. I always have Xbox game bar disabled, also I don’t install any overlays.
  4. This started happening today and jeez glad I found this thread only thing I could of thought it was screen tearing but it just was a black box that pops in and goes on SC any cloud preset.
  5. More like tomorrow, paint kit released already
  6. Hello! Amazing amazing work! I have a simple question, can I change the red AI CAP airplane types for example a mig29 change it to a cap mig19? Will it affect anything like the persistency of the enemy AI planes left ? thanks I’m advance
  7. Amazing work, CHEERS! from another Single player 4 lyfe
  8. to crisp, you guys will forever be appreciated. amazing work to your team!
  9. Hello guys! just trying to report in. keep getting crashes loading a mission in mission editor. things I have done already no mods clean repair clear out shaders folders renamed savedgame folder (let new one repopulate and just imported my old input settings. zero issues before 2.7 and ofcourse i know its a beta like i said just chiming in dcs.log-20210419-004232.zip
  10. dcs.log-20210414-202815.zip same here guys, load one mission everything is great second mission either crash at load or randomly while I fly. deleted temp/dcs delete saved games/dcs.openbeta clean repaired zero mods.
  11. Right but being a hard core arma player since flashpoint and understanding how similar both games “arma series/dcs world” are to each other when it comes to loading assets during gameplay. I get the exact same micro stutter barely noticeable but there frames stay solid but graph shows a 20-30ms frame time spike when either things are spawned or something new gets called up to be preloaded into the allocated ram the process has. Dealt with it for YEARS, buying top of the line rigs, doing all the “fixes” and “optimizations”. I always had the highest FPS capable monitors so I’m really sensitive
  12. Your onto something and this is exactly what I’ve been fighting for months now! 3 New PCs down the road . Still the same issue as you’ve stated. Really well written up
  13. only issue any of the models has is the pilot textures, including helmet and visor/ rear landing gears being abit in ground (client side only) ai planes are fine. other than that you can edit lua to add the new gbu's, HMCS works great. idk about the maverick issue guy above said but pretty sure when I do use any mavs on the E/F they are aligned and hit everytime unless a user error.
  14. @thinkerdreamer yes I did that, I have a spare 256gb ssd I used for page file and a couple little things. I also did another fix he told me to do which was renaming your saved games directly, running a repair/clean.... @Flappie if you care to explain that fix a little more to him. I have had ZERO crashes since, my game logs folder directory is empty only the normal dcs.log so I can say flappie really helped me
  15. I really appreciate you and you taking time to help. gave this a shot followed some guides on the AMD forums. Weird how amd doesn’t install these reg keys I had to input some 64bit keys .
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