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  1. Hello, since installing your mod, certain as the aircraft carriers have disappeared. Stennis, the escort ships, Charle de Gaulle ... But they are present in the mission editor. As indicated in the message I installed the FRENCHPACK V4.6 is line N ° 4 of the "common.lua" file and well: DCS 2.5.6 Do you have an idea to solve this problem ?
  2. Hello, I would like to congratulate "dimitrov" again for this great mod. it is EXTRAORDINARY fantastic work. I just have a small problem with the VAB MORTAR, when moving the MORTAR is not in road position, it follows the VAB in vertical position. Do you have the same problem ? I am with DCS 2.5.6
  3. Good morning all, I have a special request for two skins of this beautiful plane. These two decorations are in particular A4 because their pilots managed to achieve a victory in flight by destroying the Migs with their rockets. Thanks again to the creators of the Skyhawk A4. The first is the Unit A-4H: 109 tajeset "The Valley", series IDF / AF: 03 (03109) Israel, in 1970. On May 12, 1970, Major Ezra "Baban" Dotan (also known as "M.Skyhawk") shot down two Syrian MiG-17s. The first MiG was shot down by air-to-ground rocket bursts, the second by bursts of 20mm guns
  4. Thanks for the patch, buddies. The AI helicopter takes off and lands well now. VERY VERY VERY GOOD JOB GUYS
  5. A great video here:
  6. Hello "Admiral" another great achievement !!! CONGRATULATIONS Heuuu !!! Sorry but I have a little problem with the helicopter landing pad. The dolphin is under the aft deck floor. The NH90 lands behind the bridge in a vacuum. An idea ?
  7. Once again great plane, thanks to the developers
  8. Thank you to the creators of this superb T-45. The NAVY can now train (And especially me).
  9. Hello "Tomcatter87" thanks for the "Backy 51" patch, it works great for this nice A-6 Intruder. Regarding the disappearance of the throttle grip and the part of the dashboard, maybe it's parts of different texture that have the same name ?
  10. Thank you for the creators of this very beautiful A-6E and for the very beautiful skins. Below beehive atmosphere on the STENNIS. Little question: You spoke about it I believe, but how to find the textures of the throttles, and the supports of bombs?
  11. Thank you "Hawkeye60" for this wonderful job !!!! The Richelieu has always been my favorite cuirassier!
  12. Hello "Hawkeye60" Great job, it's wonderful to have the historic sailboats in DCS, it's a great idea !! Just to point out a small problem with USS Constitution, the rowboats are not complete. An idea ?
  13. Hello "Toan" thank you for your compliments, and thank you for the link, I had already read this story and I was inspired a little for the screens above. Here is the story of Lieutenant Commander Clary RECO patrol, second in the 16F, aboard Etendard IVP n ° 115. http://www.netmarine.net/aero/unites/16f/histoire.htm So to answer your questions: No the "Pédro" is not stationary, I cheat so that it is on the photos, by having it pose on the PA. In fact he is waiting for the Etendard to leave for this pose! For the Etendard parking lot, these are AIs. Well I didn't do
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